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chattime offers 34 minutes free international call

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There are so many people are using iphone. It's reported that there are over 57,000,000 people using iphone. And there is also an interesting survey that most of iphone users are lovers. I think it is really convinient for lovers to chat for it's powerful apps. I have talked about too many free voip calls which could be used on iphone, ipad or android phone.

Today, we will have another share which is also for iphone users. To be frank, it's a good one for you if you are looking for cheap international calls. The voip provider which I want to talked about today is ChatTime. From the name, we can see their service could let us chat at a good price. Now, ChatTime is offering $ 1 free international calling credit for iPhone users. What's more, ChatTime is free of all this limitations. As long as you have a cellular signal, you can dial anyone, anytime - it's that simple!

And it's very easy to get started. First of all, you need to register an account from the official website of chattime. Then, you need to download chattime apple apps and install it. Then login and you could make free international calls to mobile phone or landlines.

Go here for free call

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