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Want Print Cheaper, Pay Nothing and Save Money???

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How to save money on printing?

One of the biggest concerns of having a printer is the cost of each printed page. And as it is clear by calculation, a little decrement in print expenses per page can result in a large save in long run.

One of the common ways to decrease print cost is to use third party refilled cartridges. It can save considerable amount of money in long term especially if the print quality has the second priority. Usually re-manufactured cartridges have lower quality of print due to used print heads. About cartridges without the print head, the print quality could be different because of the ink formula as the printer manufacturers keep the ink formula as a secret to control the market and prevent competitors to produce a cheaper product.

The problem with this method is that usually this kind of products are almost as expensive as the genuine cartridges and it makes it hard to decide whether it worth the risk or not.

Sometimes another good way to pay less for supplies is to refill the empty cartridges, I recommend this option to people who want to spend some free time of testing and people who don't mind a messy room with ink spots all over it (It happens often when you are going to refill an empty cartridge).

Well I have seen both good and bad results about this procedure and I should say it depends on the owner to decide about the outcome.

The only problem with this method is that, it might damage your printer if it has not done properly. Especially I don't recommend it to refill plotters and large format printer cartridges as you might get into a big trouble with the whole ink system.

As an experienced former service manager of printer and supplies department, I can say as long as it is cheaper give it a go since in long run you might save considerable amount of money.

A friend of mine has created a full package about methods he found to decrease print costs both for ink based and laser based printers. You can get the "FREE Mini Course" at

You would be able to decrease your print costs by 83% or more... and print environment friendly. Disposing printer supplies is a huge threat for environment and it can contain chemical hazards, you can also use recycle services provided by manufacturers like HP to send the used supplies back to the factory. For last tip always remember to print things that you really need on paper!

Most effective ways to decrease your print expenses! How to print cheaper course!

Hope be a help to Save Your Money!


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