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Things you can light up with a 60 watt solar panel

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When people talk about  changing to solar energy
for their house, pictures can come to the mind of
a huge amont of panels on the roof and a big
electrical switch unit with invertors and bateries.
Complete electrical solar systems purchased in
shops can easily cost you 8000 dollars.
A high investment, which scares off many people.

Sure that it is a good idea to use solar energy for
saving energy and helping getting a cleaner
environment to live in. And within some years 
you can recover your investment with the money that
you saved because you did not have to pay monthly
electrical bills anymore. And then you really  start
saving money. Still the high investment scares off
many people to start using solar energy for their home.

An alternative is a small independent panel for
60 watts. This small panel, can be installed as a stand alone
system, with a simple invertor and battery, separated
from the electrical system of your house.      

With only 60 watts you can feed a group of
light saving bulbs situated around your house
that keep on all night, providing your home with
more  security.

Another  thing that you could connect is a litlte fridgerator
for in your sleeping room. Normally you maybe would
not have that, as it  is an energy consuming luxury
that has to be paid out of your pocket.  If it could function
with free solar energy, then it might be an option.

You can run a laptop and another computerequipment  from your
 60 watt solar panel system and thus save on your electricity bill.

What about this radio amateur that runs his whole
radio station of a 60 watt solar panel?

You can run your stereo equipment from this panel,
charge your cellphones,

You may not connect all these items at the same time to
your panel, it will be too much load. But connecting
some of these, will lower your energy bill.
And after some time you can decide to put a second
panel, thus generating more energy.
In this way you can make your investments little
by little and everytime spend less on electricity.

Solar panel systems  for 60 watts can  cost
you between 300 and 800 dollars buying then in stores,
but constructing them yourself you might get them for as little
as 100 dollars.

So it is really possible to  start using solar energy without big
investmens and apport  to a cleaner environment, by beginning
to use small solar pannels.                                                           

Johnny Green


The Green Energy Handyman who gets energy where he Can!

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