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ONLINE EARNING: Now a day’s online earning has become more powerful. Online earning has a very large scope because there is no competition of publisher, advertiser, and client. We can do online earning by many ways but most popular among them is Google ad sons. Advantage of Google ad sons: There are following advantages of Google ad sons 1.       There click rate is high rather than other companies. 2.       They are most secure online earning. 3.       They provide us a free plate form to design the blog as per our own demand. 4.       They are the pioneers of online earning. And many more STEPS OF EARNING BY GOOGLE AD SONS: (It must be noted that Google ad sons need much patience because they believe “slow and steady wins the race”.) Online earning contains following steps Ø  Creation Ø  Content searching Ø  Posting Ø  Fine tuning Ø  Advertising Ø  Link building 1-CREATION: Here creation means making the blog but before making the blog it must be noted that u should have the G-mail account.  Because it is very easy to get the adds by G-mail account.  U should create the blog on Google Blogger/blog spot. We can create the blog by following ways. 1.       Go to and then sign in there by using the G-mail id and password. 2.       First check the name availability and then put the name in blog title. 3.       Choose a starter template. (there are five  types of  template. simple,  watermark, dynamic ,travel.etc  chose the template as per your content.) 4.       Then you see the dialog box that the “Template has been created” For more please see this vedio.  2-CONTENT SEARCHING: Content searching means searching the data for the post. It includes all the material relevant to the subject such as If a person made a blog on computer software then his content will be soft ware’s (for downloading), guidance about using the software, and other tips related to software. It must be noted that to get the Google ad sons you must have more than 50 posts on your blog relevant to the subject. 3-POSTING: Posting means to post the content on the blog. It is very easy to post the stuff on the blogger. The content may be either videos or any written stuff like notes. 4-FINE TUNNING: Fine tuning mean give blog a finite look so that it will attract the other persons. 5- ADVERTISING: Advertisement means make your blog famous. For this purpose you will have to post the blog link\URL to other websites. We can easily post the link on social networking sites such as face book, twitter, peace and many more. Advertising is also called Traffic generation and for that purpose we can also use yahoo, msn, Wikipedia, tagged, you tube etc.  HOW TO WORK ON BLOG: It is very easy to work on blog. When you create the blog then you see that there are 5 tabs on the top-right side of the blog. Posting  Comments  Settings  Design Monetise Stat For editing the template go to design and then edit html for deleting the irrelevant things. If you want to give blog a finite look you should upload a readymade blog which we can upload from free And after uploading that widgets must be delete.

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