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Does it seem like everybody is using the same tools to advertise the same opportunities?

Tired of mailing to the list and reading emails from people promoting the SAME OPPORTUNITIES?

Stop swimming in a sea of competition! TRUST ME, you WANT to read on...

 Ever Wish You Could Get $.01 Every Time A certain TV Commercial or Radio Ad Is Played In The US? Can you imagine how huge that would be?

What if I told you that there is something so new, that HUGE Companies like McDonalds, and Walmart are going to need.

This is something that you could be one of the lucky ones to get in early and make lots of money before the masses jump in.

Let me tell you about a FREE way to get paid $.05 for receiving up to 5 TEXT MESSAGES a Day on your Mobile Phone from Advertisers like McDonalds. HERE'S The exciting part: Tell your friends and get $.05 cents on each text they receive for life! And their referrals too! 5 levels down, unlimited wide... We're talking huge possibilities!

Do the math. Let's say for example: You tell some friends and a family member to sign up FREE. Let's pretend that you have 4 people + yourself. That's 5 X 5 cents = $1.25. Now multiply that by 5 times a day and you will have $6.25. Multiply that times 30 days and you will have $187.50!!! Imagine if you tell 20? 30 people? 1000?

I think you have the idea. 

There's no excuse for rejecting something that is TOTALLY 100% FREE! There is absolutely NO COST To ANYONE.

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