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Release Internet Users Handbook, 2012

TrafficSwarm member since August 2009

We are pleased to announce our Release of the Internet Users Handbook, 2012, 2nd Edition after a 5 month rewrite.  While the reviews of our Internet Users Handbook 1st Edition were great as you can read for yourself; we have completely reorganized our thinking and presentation to make our Release of the Internet Users Handbook, 2012, 2nd Edition clearly the best user handbook, users manual or users guide available on the internet.

Our 1-of-a-kind Internet Users Handbook brings the offline business success, sense and mentality to the Internet. We treat business as business and our handbook provides the Newbie starting to do business online and/or the seasoned professionals that are growing or diversifying their business with a master reference worthy of any library. It is a comprehensive guide to avoiding the scams while doing business online.

If you are serious about doing business online or helping others do business then then this handbook is a must have for you. Join our worthy cause as an affiliate and help us spread the word.


Over 500 pages, chock full of examples, how-to guides and tips for doing business online while avoiding the scams.

Table of Contents

Testimonials - A Note from Our Friends
1. The Internet Users Handbook and ISA Groups
2. Our Definition of a Scam/Fraud
3. How to do Your Own Due Diligence
4. Internet Crime is Big Business
5. Introduction to Internet Scams and Fraud
6. Various Types and Examples of Internet Scams
7. The$1,000,000 per day PTC/PTR Scam
8. Have You Prepared Yourself to Do Business Online
9. Follow your Passion Types of Online Businesses
10. Affiliate, Pyramid and MLM Programs
11. Managing Your Online Business
12. What is Spam and its Impact?
13. How to Advertise Your Business
14. Forex (FX) Follies - A Gamblers Dream...
15. Success is Yours, If You Plan and Prepare For It

A. Your Personal Assessment
B. List of Emotional Trigger or Power Selling Word
C. List of Common Scam and Spam Words
D. Scam and Spam Complaints and Resources
E. List of Banned, Scam and Watch Sites
F. The $1,000,000 per day PTR/PTC Scam
G. Buy Leads List
Glossary of Common Online Terms
Glossary of Common Forex/Investment Terms
About the Author: Dr Don Yates Sr PhD


"Best Manual Ive read for Internet Scams Online..Cant Put it down! Kathy Youla.
I believe it should be required reading for anyone who intends to do business on the internet. Jerry Banberger


Click here for more TESTIMONIALS



Readers of our Internet Users Handbook can receive additional support and help from members of our Free to Join Internet Scams Anonymous (ISA) Groups. While it is not necessary to buy our handbook to be a member of 1 or more of thse groups, of course it is recommended. Anyone successful in business will tell you; you need a success plan of action for both personal and business growth.

Our first free group was formed after nearly 2 years of research into internet scams, fraud and online crimes. To-date, nearly $70,000 has been invested in research of various scams, new programs, etc. so that you do not have too. Today, we have and enjoy thousands of members; both newbies and seasoned professionals all sharing and helping fellow member avoid the scams while doing business online.


Our Internet Users Handbook and current list of free Internet Scams Anonymous (ISA) Groups may be found at: Internet Users Handbook SWOM & Home of ISA Group BizOppers & Home of ISA Group Fast Business Network FBN & Home of ISA Group ISMmagic ISM & Home of ISA Group myNetworkingPro MNP & Home of ISA Group ApSense AP & Home of ISA Group Kooiii & Home of ISA Group



The number of New Internet Users or Newbies is growing at more than 44% per year. In order to get this valuable resource into more user hands, we have elected to introduce an Affiliate Program.  This phenomenal growth represents an base of potential victims for the scammers.  It is also a great opportunity for you to market something of value to our newbies.

Our Affiliates earn 50% of the sale of the Handbook and can build a Residual Income for themselves by offering their links to the various ISA support groups, and helping the referrals see the benefits of upgrading their membership

Upon receipt of payment for our Handbook, Affiliates will provide the Buyer with their Sign-up links and our Support group Link

Again, you do not have to buy the Internet Users Handbook, 2012, 2nd Edition to offer it as one of your affiliate programs. However, it is easier to market something that you know and understand


Once you have become a ClickBank AFFILIATE, log in and go to MARKETPLACE, SEARCH for INTERNET USERS HANDBOOK, SCAMS, or even INTERNET SCAMS ANONYMOUS.  Click the Facebook LIKE button and the PROMOTE Button. A popup window will appear, complete and CREATE to get your unique Clickbank Link

While you are there, follow the same process and find other products of interest to market.

Thank you for your time, join us today and Best wishes for 2012

Dr Don Yates Sr, PhD, Skype/Twitter drdony, Facebook drdony1

Author Internet Users Handbook, 2012, 2nd Edition -

A Comprehensive Users Guide to Avoiding Scams While Doing Business Online

Founder the Internet Scams Anonymous (ISA) Groups

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