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Blackberry bold 9900 review

TrafficSwarm member since January 2012

You have no idea how excited i was to get this mobile phone!
The gloss finish as i took it out of the box, the 2.8″ HD touchscreen, and the qwerty keyboard. I felt like a kid at christmas.
And blackberry didnt get me excited for nothing! This is By far the best phone i have ever owned, but unfortunately i had to see it go ( £45 a month contract was a bit too much for me, and then my girlfriend rubs salt in the wound by getting one).

So, Lets talk Specs:
it holds a 1.2GHZ processor, 8GB Storage memory built in, 2.8″ HD touchscreen aswell as full qwerty keyboard and the latest blackberry operating system, blackberry 7 OS which looks absolutely beautiful.
The looks are just stunning! i mean look at that, so stylish yet so sophisticated. There is one thing i must point out about this phone though, the touchscreen can be a bit stubborn at some times but i didnt really use the touch screen anyway.
Overall i would say this phone is one of the best, if not the best phone on the market to date. This is a must get and i will be sure to get one again in the near future.

If you would like to purchase the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Then i have added a link below for you.

Thank you for reading i hope you enjoyed it.

Writen by Mark Hinchcliffe

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