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A New Social Concept

TrafficSwarm member since January 2012



In november 2011, I discovered a new social networking site called PeopleString, which has become the coolest thing I have seen on the Internet in a long time.

It is like Facebook or any other social network, except it is the first to spread the revenue it gets from advertisers to the users of the site, like you and me, just for using the site like we would any other social network. This is the coolest thing I have ever come across when it comes to social networking. It’s simply incredible!

I’m determined to help people build a long-term residual income using PeopleString, and to see that there’s more ways of generating an income outside of just a job, as Kiyosaki would also suggest.

I encourage anyone to take the time to hear my story and how PeopleString, in my opinion, will help many people overcome financial hardships in today’s economy

If you’d like to come view PeopleString for yourself, I encourage you to have fun and check it out just click the Icon!
Enjoy the Presentation, you guys, and I’ll see you on the String


Ed Bell









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