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How To Shake Off Income Worries

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By barry Goss

As often is the case around here, there’s talk about “perfect world” wishes and “we gotta do what we gotta do” activity.

In the former discussion between Heather and I, during errands and even downtime (cooking dinner, working out, and even taking Konan on walks through the park), it’s all about how it would be IDEAL to just be able to “interactively connect” with everyone on our list who is stuck.

Lately, more so than ever since we’ve been researching, interviewing, and producing content online, the support desk has been full every day.

Readers want assistance, help, advice, and YES, hope.

And, of course, we always think:

“If we could just magically transport everyone into our world (assuming all could fit into our house) for a few days, the anxiety, worries, struggle mindset, and paralysis-by-analysis questions would go away.”


Because the readers who are looking for the INSTANT ANSWER would automatically “SEE” that we don’t always have it, either.

From the very beginning, when the LWL (Life Without Limits) brand was born over 3 years ago, we’ve always regularly checked in with each other to ensure we’re SIMPLY NOT doing the one thing that most publishers and teachers in the “human potential / self-transformation” arena ARE:

PRETENDING we have it all figured out!

Or, constantly bombarding you with one-dimensional, static, herd-like identities and labels about WHO we are.

In other words, if there’s one thing we know it’s this:

The more we think we KNOW something, without debating it, questioning it, or thoroughly researching it, the MORE removed we get from producing results for ourselves and others that DO work with us.

We’re by no means motivational speakers, niche experts, stage-walking gurus, or coaches who teach about LIFE without living it ourselves — testing, failing, revising, revamping, searching, and eventually “discovering” NEW stuff is what we do.

Recently, we had a reader write in and say:

“I’m stuck and confused. I have a job, but it’s not executive level pay or anything. Just a J-O-B that barely pays the bills and leaves me with just enough left over to go to a movie every now and then.

But, I don’t care, because it’s just the means to an end. I know you guys don’t like complainers. I want you to know I’m ambitious, believe in entrepreneurship and even have tried a few things to bring in part-time income.

But, after one too many internet marketing courses, after too much time on mindset calls, I don’t have any clue where to go with this. I worry, hopefully because that’s normal. Just feeling unsure of how to be free of income worries. Any advice?”


Whenever I hear somebody conjecturing like this about money, the very first thing that comes to mind for me is this:

There’s never a money problem: just an idea, creativity, and execution problem.

It’s something a very, very wealthy mentor of mine told me several years ago, and it’s one of the most “anxiety-ridding” statements you can ever remind yourself of, too.

When it comes to making money, there’s a lot of well-meaning (and some not so properly intentioned) people out there who will gladly sell you something that’ll “spark” an IDEA. And, just as equally, there are people who claim they have the magic pill to help you personally execute it.


To each his own. But we don’t want to be part of any such marketing nonsense.

Because, in our experience, just selling a “money idea” to someone is the equivalent of selling access to a teleseminar where a labeled “mind power guru’s” main message is: “You have to take action.”

Yeah, great... thanks for the incredibly powerful genius tip.

You see, when my mentor gave the “there’s never a money problem” advice above, the meaning of it wasn’t: “people who don’t have money lack ideas.”

Instead, it was: “I give you enough credit to know that you have ideas. You don’t need to be told HOW to GENERATE them. You just need help in figuring out WHERE to IMPLEMENT them.”

And, of course, he was also used to dealing with people who don’t need molly-coddling to execute (“take action” on) something once they know WHERE to do it.

Hey, look, let me be clear: when it comes to metaphysics, mindset, and manifestation philosophy, and so-called “secrets,” we’re all about provoking thought.

Yet, when it comes to M-O-N-E-Y, specialized contacts, resources, and vendors are much more important.

This is the reason our private membership club, called The Wealth Vault, got off the ground in the first place.

Over the last few years, we’ve been hard at work wondering one simple thing:

“Where do wealthy people — international entrepreneurs, business titans and in-the-know full-time Regular-Joe-and-Jane investors — go to make money, using money?”

This new project of ours, one that we and a few key partners of ours are heavily personally involved in, is all about KNOWING the right people and getting the best information we’ve found for creating passive income.

You see, you’re financially free when... your investments, capital, and assets produce enough passive income to exceed your expenses.

The only way to do that is to know WHERE to go to invest in programs that put your money to work for you.

But, not just in any programs...

Instead, our focus is in growing our “network” of contacts so you’re ONLY presented with carefully-researched, super-selective income-growing programs that are typically ‘hidden’ from the crowd.

The POINT: There are much better ways to produce income for yourself or INCREASE your “wealth” than investing in prosperity seminars, motivational mastermind groups, marketing coaching programs, and any other such surface-level nonsense that leaves you more confused and unfocused than when you started.


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