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Do you have a plan to succeed in a home Business?

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I believe most people who start an internet home business fail because of poor planning. Planning takes time and hard work but there is a reward to those who plan ahead.

There are five key ingredients to internet home business success:

1. You must have an effective marketing system that will not bankrupt you.
Marketing involves building and capturing a list of interested customers / supporters through effectively media channels using relative information.

2. You must have a proven training system.
Effective training provides elementary to mature systematic information that has the ability to offer even a newbie the opportunity to achieve the highest possible success in the organization.

3. You must have a follow up system.
People need to feel valued and connected through steady and consistent communication. This communication needs to offer constant opportunity for improvement and support of future success.

4. You must have multiple streams of income.
The internet business world is very fluid and changing every day. A business concept that was great today may not be here tomorrow. As it has been said” Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. More income sources mean more opportunities to succeed and stay in the game. There is such a thing as too much and you need to find the right balance of opportunities to participate in.

5. You must have patience.
Anyone who says it will happen overnight is probably not telling the full story. Yes there is overnight success but for the vast majority it will take hare work and time. So go ahead and plant the seeds today but don’t expect to have a harvest tomorrow. Be patient and be willing to persevere and allow the seeds of your work to grow!

Be Blessed
Ron Mercer

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