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America – Still the land of Opportunity?

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Many today feel hopeless and dejected with their financial situation. No matter how hard they work, there never seems to be enough to provide (well) for themselves or their families. What has gone wrong in a nation where there is so much opportunity? Has the American dream died? Is America doomed to go the way of many nations before her? Is this still the land of opportunity?

One does not need to look far to support these concerns. It seems that greed has enveloped much of Corporate America. Some large corporations seem more concerned with their bottom line and filling the pockets of their leadership at the expense of the common worker (who is doing most of the hard work) than focusing on the needs of their most valuable asset – the employees. The American government is out of control spending money they do not own and did not work for. Some economists feel our government is driving America toward an economical cliff and a financial collapse if something does not change soon. Individual retirement accounts are disappearing under volatile stock market fluctuations. The cost of living is skyrocketing while pay rates are standing still. The unemployment rate is at a dangerous level leaving millions without work. Are depressed yet?
While these are very real facts facing our nation, they are not new to our nation. There have been many seasons of economical challenge in the past that seemed insurmountable but somehow AMERICANS found a way to hope again. In the face of national independence, civil and world wars and The Great Depression Americans have always found a way to overcome.

There is hope! Hope is not found in our government or corporate America but hope is found in turning our hearts and prayers back to God. Hope is found in the resilient American spirit of entrepreneurial-ism nurtured by a free capitalistic society of individuals!
Thank God we have a democratic government and some of the most innovative corporations in the world but our true strength as a nations in found in the, God ordained, individual strengths and gifts of the American people! America’s greatest asset is the people who work hard every day and give back whenever they can to make someone else’s life better.

Yes we must stand against greedy corporations and corrupt politicians but we must also be willing to believe again that we as individuals can achieve great things for our nation, our families and ourselves.
Yes there is hope and there is a future for this great nation as we all work together to support one another and not allow any organization or institution to steal or degrade who we are as individuals and as Americans.

God Bless and hold your head high and believe again.

Be Blessed
Ron Mercer

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