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How to Achieve Home Business Success!

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There are hundreds if not thousands of home business resources available on the internet. Many of them are proven methods with detailed steps to succeed. There are many eBooks, websites and training courses dedicated to helping start and run an effective home business.

One does not have too look far to find internet business “Gurus” who promise unlimited wealth through easy steps that anyone can follow. Success is offered at every click of the mouse and every insert of a credit card number. But there is one key component missing in most of the so call “get rich plans” and that is the ingredient of being committed to helping others succeed! Now that may sound crazy to think of others above our own needs. We think, “If I put others first than I will miss out on my opportunity to be on top” but the truth is no one is truly successful without the help of others. Sure some make it by stepping on or dominating others through manipulation and deceit only to find a pot of emptiness and not of gold at the end of their (so called) success rainbow.

You may disagree and think I am being naive or soft but I can personally attest to the fact that true fulfillment and success only comes at the expense of valuing others first.
When you help others succeed, you will feel and experience truce success. It is that simple! Yes you may lose some sales and miss some opportunities up front but in the end you will have build a strong foundation of loyal supporters who will partner with you in building something great!

So how do we help others find success? There are three ways to develop others.
One is through the introduction of proven home business opportunities, two is to provide complete training, and three is to be available to help.

The first way to direct other to a successful home business is by introducing an opportunity that a recruiter has personally investigation thoroughly. There is a maze of internet opportunities promising success but it is the recruiters responsibility to make sure they are introducing a proven opportunity that they have experience some level of success with. Everyone has to start somewhere and success does not happen overnight but don’t try to convince someone to participate in a business where there is no credible documentation of success. Proving success can be easily achieved through a little research about the parent organization or finding posted reviews. Don’t feel you have to become a millionaire before you can express confidence in an opportunity but do your homework.

The second way to help others succeed is through solid, effective training that easily accessible 24/7. Many newbies feel intimidated and overwhelmed with starting a home business so if you want them to truly be successful you must provide a support network that they can feel comfortable with.
The third way to insure success of others is being willing to invest your time and expertise. Sometimes a word of encouragement or a simple “you can do it” goes a long way to helping others stay in the game. Be willing to take someone by the hand as they take their first steps. Yes it takes investment and there is a cost to helping others but the reward is worth it as you see your organization grow as well.

So there you have it. This is not sophisticated stuff but it is very powerful information. I am not saying I have it mastered but I am striving to become better at focusing more on helping others than just making it to the top.
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Be Blessed
Ron Mercer

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