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Record and supervise using motion sensor

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The software has pre-alarm and post-event recording. 
Playing back captured video is quite simple and does on the security station as well as on remote computer using Web interface.

The program has been created as universal product for security cross platforms running simultaneously with wireless and wired Internet cameras, Television-boards, capture cards, power-line, and USB cameras.
The software performs `repeated` recording that the `disk full` situation never appears. 
The recording can be constant or it can be started by activity, human face detection, or by schedule.

This product has internet interface with the same appearance and functionality on the local and distant workstations. 
Customers view MPEG coded video and have complete control of the program using net that security workstation can be operated with no screen, keyboard, and mouse attached.

Software`s modular composition extensively improves reliability because all components work as independent software. 
If one module fails, other components keep on working. 
For instance if the `record` unit fails, `watchdog` starts again it instantly that viewers don`t notice anything because they are viewing video via a `playback` unit.

Beauty Internet Media Detection Toolkit product can be downloaded free of charge from the digital softwere website at:  click here

Established in March 2012, digital softwere designs applications to capture and monitor with motion sensor

For additional information on the company and its services please visit its web site at  

click here

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