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Just Been Paid -JSS Tripler,  After studying a relatively new internet business for the better part of 2 months, I am seeing this Brain Boosting new comer going into orbit on the alexia rating. Topping out this week end at around # 500, Google being no 1 on the list. This combination investing, surfing, self motivation sight is taking the country by storm. Having solved the problem of fast growth and faster crashes it is making money for its members at a 2% per day compounded daily, commission rate. An example would be buying ten positions (advertising) at $10.00 each compounded at 2% per day $100.00 total nets you around $16,000.00  in one year. This quick growing sight has something for every one from the person who wants to make money but has none. They will lend you ten dollars for 45 days at which time the interest gives you $10.00 of your own. Left to compound for a year your net would be around 900.00. Not bad for working with other peoples money. Participating as much or as little as you want, you may earn what you desire . They also pay $10.00 for upgrading referrals and 10% of purchases. A second tier  or $5.00 and 5%, so things are growing very quickly. A restart feature keeps the whole thing from crumbling..This little power house is one to watch with around 14,000 new joins this weekend. Join for free, take a test drive see if you can spot any flaws in the program, if so claim the million dollar reward offered by the owner. Or put $100.00 to $500.00 in for the first 75 day cycle, pull out your starting capital,  leave what money you have earned in JSS Tripler and  HANG ON for the ride to see where it goes..Respectfully   Darwin Cole    Internet Marketing Newbee  PS  The sight is having to upgrade servers due to traffic overload and maintance (dont we all wish we had that much traffic).  I will try and update weekly on this little money making power house to be watched.

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