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When To Do PPV Instead Of PPC

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To most internet marketers Google search is viewed as the best possible place, to have a website well positioned.  SEO and SEM companies obviously make a lot of money, trying to satisfy the typical website owner’s never ending desire to see their website on Google page 1. And for many website owner’s, Google page 1 is an achievable outcome. Although SEO is almost never the right way to get it done.

In my view, SEO takes too long to achieve results. In fact, you may find, that it your case, it never achieved the desired result.  While you sink a small fortune into an SEO companies attempt to hit the “moving target” that is search engine optimization, you could be going broke!

 SEM is a much better choice than SEO as I see it, because if done right, your website is on page 1 of Google within a day or so. The outcome is predictable and measureable, and remains that way. You have prominent search engine placement, in front of highly targeted customers.  And if your websites landing page is “doing its job”, you’ll have the customers you’ve “led to the water”, taking “a drink” when they get there.

But sometimes, a Google Adwords campaign, even done by the pros, is not possible for a particular website. Google (and Yahoo-Bing), both have strict rules, about what is and what is not, allowed to be promoted in their advertising programs.

You may own a site on a topic that they “don’t like”. You may have a site that is thin on information, and primarily functions as a capture page. Affiliate sites in general do not usually go over very well, with either Google or Yahoo-Bing.

If you have a website to promote, that is banned or blocked from the sponsored search programs, for whatever reason, you’re going to need to find an alternate way to get a lot of targeted traffic.  That is when PPV might be the right fit.

PPV (aka pay per view) is not just an obscure channel on your TV that shows boxing matches. PPV in the internet marketing universe refers to cost per view advertising programs. And just like the name says, with cost per view advertising, you pay “per view” (as in when your site is shown on screen). This is opposed to pay per click (PPC), which is billed when a potential customer actually clicks on your sites online ad. PPV is much cheaper than PPC, in terms of the amount of visitors you can get to your website for the dollar.

A professionally run Google Adwords campaign; can get much lower cost per click rates, than you would likely get on your own. With a pro run Adwords campaign, you could be paying an average cost per click of .20-.30 cents (or as low as even .10 cents) per click. Often times the same campaign run by a laymen would have been paying a $1.00-2.00 per click (or more), on Adwords!

But a PPV campaign will generally average around .02 cents per click. Yes, you read that right.

And when you’re only spending .02 cents per click, your dollar goes pretty far. A few dollars a day in well run, pro, PPV campaign, can mean hundreds of targeted visitors to your website, each day!

So which one do I recommend?

After reading those numbers, you might be thinking, there’s no logical reason to “play ball” with Google Adwords (or Yahoo-Bing), and spend more per click in their sponsored search programs, when you can drive targeted traffic to your site at .02 cents per click. But that’s not a point of view I share.

Sponsored search programs when done right (by professionals), generally have much higher conversion rates than PPV campaigns. So, it’s still better to be on page 1 of Google, through Adwords (if your site is one that Google allows), than to have PPV as your only option.

However, PPV is your best option, if your website is one that is on Google Adwords “black list”. Because through a professionally run PPV campaign, you should get huge amounts of targeted visitors to your site, every day.

If your website is an affiliate site (that Adwords won’t allow)… Or especially if it’s a capture page, that just needs the visitor to enter their email address in a form… PPV is probably going to generate a giant amount of web visitors, and work well for you.


This article was authored by David Jay, as partner at since 2004. creates runs and manages custom PPC, and PPV campaigns for websites of all sizes, throughout the U.S, and is available to do a Free Consultation regarding your website traffic needs.


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