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TrafficSwarm member since April 2012

 EARN - Get $5.00 FREE - 100% free to join - never pay a penny…ever!

EARN - Random DAILY cash/prizes - members win every day!

EARN - Monthly $5.00 random winners! Five members will win every month!

EARN - CASH - up to $10.00 just for referring others!

EARN - Get 5% of your referrals earnings for life!

EARN - Large CASH bonus contests (3 of them), for referrals, that reset every 10, 90, and   365 days!

EARN - Annual random winners - HUGE - 25 random members will split thousands!

• GET - 
FREE advertising downloads and FREE money for advertising!

Members are welcome from around the world!

We will be adding more contests, bonuses, and specials as we grow. We want you to earn and be happy

so that you refer other people to our program. If you are happy…then the advertisers are happy…and

we are happy…and we all make money together. It really is that simple.

And we do plan on being around for a very long time. We will not be gone in a few weeks or months…

or even years. And since you will not be paying a penny - we will not run away with your money. And

we promise to pay you every penny that you earn! We have invested a lot of time, effort, and money

into developing IEH. Our program is original…our website is original…and our members are

original. Why wait? Let’s earn money together!

We called it that because you will earn so many different ways...and all totally

free. We have made it very easy for you to do just that! You can earn just by sitting front of your computer...doing a few simple things...that will only take a few

minutes every now and then. You will not spend a single penny out of your own pocket!

After came here to earn money...not to spend it, right?

But first...let me tell you a little bit about our program and its many benefits. To start you

off...we will give you $5.00 just for signing up. It’s free - NO catch. Then we will give you

$1.00 for the first 5 people that you refer... and $.50 each for the next 10 people that you

refer as well. That’s another $10.00 that you can earn just by telling your friends about us.

We will even give you the resources to make it easy...right in your own Member’s Area.

Besides an easy to fill in “Tell a friend” form, we will give you programs to generate

traffic, as well as free advertising resources information. Yes - we will even tell you

where you can get free advertising too!! We will make it very easy for you to earn that

extra $10.00 referring others. All of that for free as well!

But wait...there are even more ways to earn. We have ongoing contests...every 10

DAYS. We have contests for top new member referrals, contests for top new

advertiser/advertising referrals, random flash bonuses throughout the day, mega bonuses

every 3 months, and a HUGE annual bonus!! And our contests reset every 10 days (and 3

months as well as annually) giving you the opportunity to win over and over again. We

have so many ways for you to win extra cash. Heck...we will even be giving bonuses to

members just for coming back to this website...flash cash and flash prizes!!! here is how our program works. Advertisers pay money to have their

advertisements seen. They are looking for people just like you...people who are looking to

make money on the internet. They will pay us to let them advertise to you...our

members...who are opportunity seekers. Now here is the good part. You get paid for

reading their ads...and these ads will tell you all about different ways to earn money on

the internet.

So, instead of looking and searching for ways to earn, they will pay you to read their ads

which will tell you how to earn!! You will be sent emails promoting their “how to earn

money on the internet” offers, and they will pay you to read them. No more searching for

ways to more reading unsolicited emails telling you how to more

reading offers without getting paid!!

The great thing about this program is that you will be sent these opportunities and not have

to search for them...and you will also be paid to read them as well! You obviously came to

our website looking for ways to make money...right? Now you will have the websites

come to you...showing you different ways to make money...and they will pay you to read

their offers!!! All you have to do is read their emails and you will get paid!

Our payout minimum is a very low $25.00. We will pay you, on the first of the month,

when you reach that amount or higher. After your payout, your account will be reset to

$5.00, not to zero!! You can start all over again! That means you start the earning process

all over again - including earning another $10.00 from just referring!! With all of our

contests and bonuses, there is no reason that you can't get a nice payout every month.

Plus, you can earn more by winning contests...and getting random bonuses! And, as we

progress, we will add even more ways for you to earn!

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to earn here... so you can truly say I


Please read our members information page and the FAQ (frequently asked questions)

page so that you get all the information about our program. And be sure to take advantage

of all of the free resources in our member’s area too! Like we said...everything is free

here...and you will just earn!


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