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Stone Evans, Get Your Free Copy of Dotcomology

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   The Home Biz Guy (Stone Evans) created this book, which provides a Newbie Internet Marketer a huge set of tools and knowledge to help ease the confusion and uncertainty involved in beginning an online income venture.  It is packed with valuable information that can greatly improve ones' chances of quickly and easily getting an Internet Marketing venture started and profitable in no time.

   This book will provide the reader with great information regarding search engine optimization, monitoring and tracking of traffic and subscriber information, and building/maintaining your credibility, Email marketing techniques, and Newsletter creation/campaigns (and so much more).

   If you are interested in promoting affiliate programs through Newsletters and Email marketing, you definitely should read this book cover to cover, and keep it within reach for regular browsing. Readers are leaders. This book was written by one of the most knowledgeable IM veterans, through the investment of a great deal of time, effort and research.  In my opinion it should be a regular read, to mentally reinforce the core principles of successful Internet Marketing.

   If you would like access to more of Stone Evans ideas and creations, one I highly recommend is:

John R. White

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