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What is No 1 internet wealth secret?

TrafficSwarm member since November 2010
Dear networker,    It is good to have the right mindset when it comes to generating income from the internet. The right mindset is very crucial if you must succeed! And it is the number 1 secret which many gurus whose only interest is to milk you dry will not readily admit/reveal to you.   The #1 secret (which most people NEVER do) is CONSISTENCY, PERSISTENCE & STRONG FOCUS   Internet marketing is like planting a seed. It needs time to germinate and some good attention must be given the gaminating seed in order to prevent it from being overwhelmed by weeds. Planting a seed here today, abandoning it tomorrow and getting another type of seed to plant the next day will not do any good.   Distraction vulnerability is very high in the internet marketing space as every program seems to be the best. You must resist this lure. Most people just jump from one offer to the other and never really work at anything long enough to see some results. I was a victim too when i started, but surely, you don't have to be one.   Yes, the reason we decided to do internet marketing was so that we could make money quickly. But that doesn't mean that just building a blog guarantees that you're going to make thousands of dollars immediately.   You must carefully choose the program(s) you have decided is good for you and persist in them. This has worked for me.   Here is a bunch of FREE hot stunning squeeze page templates for you for reading this article   Toward Your Goal   Henry SA (The Safe Wealth Exponent)

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