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Newbies! Website - Easy Give & Get Program

TrafficSwarm member since March 2012

FREE ebook tells all... (like why you should be starting with this simple website or a similar give & get concept site). Read it and then implement this Simple & Proven, Newbie-Lovin, Give & Get Website System! Effortless Web-Cash Formula is totally uncomplicated!  Plus, you won't need to take out a second mortgage, knock over a gas station or drain your bank account to start earning immediately (up and running in roughly 24 hours). You keep 100% of the money you earn!  Ready to get started?

If your main goal is to build a subscriber base that you can create a relationship of trust with, and periodically sell products to, that's great! Incorporate this concept easily and build a list with your EWCF program! Effortless Web-Cash Formula can be tailored (AWeber add-in) to fit in with any type of solid-foundation planning!  That's right!  They'll set it up for you quite inexpensively. Immediately begin building your most valuable commodity, your list. You can even have several great prewritten emails and follow-up emails scheduled into your program with one of your setup options!  This little package upgrade I highly recommend, by the way. The income potential simply cannot be ignored or overlooked.

A one-time $10 website setup fee! You won't need to upload a website, because it is freely hosted by the system creator! Just purchase your GoDaddy domain name. That's the most complicated part of everything! Then add whatever features you like from a variety offered (all rediculously inexpensive). Pick the video add-ins, audio add-ins, squeeze and landing pages, exit discount pop-up, etc) quickly and easily. Choose your features, and you're off to the races!  No recurring monthly fees (or even marketing expenses for that matter).  All your options are easily layed out for you to choose.

Once you've selected your desired features (and this is just a suggestion), quickly scan through your receipts, and email your name and purchased product IDs (Products purchased for 1, 4, 6, 11, 13) so the program setup people can quickly and accurately insure you don't have any cross-over duplication issues. They will also be able to tell you what items might be missing without risk of confusion or time-delay!  I did this and was rewarded with $20 refunded (two feature packs somewhat overlapped).  They were able to describe for me right away what items I hadn't purchased. I was able to add one I overlooked immediately. My finished website was a total knockout!

EWCF is not only a simple and fool proof newbie money-maker, it can be putting earnings directly into your account in hours - not weeks!  You can't do that with the so-called "Guru's" complicated products.

This I know.  I've tried those products so many times. They always sound terrific, up until you purchase them and find out how many extra things you still need to buy, or that it's just some old recycled stuff you could have gotten for free... (maybe you can relate?)

The system setup is so quick and easy. You won't need to join any sort of programs or membership sites.  This is totally automated, and made especially for beginners.  Even a total newbie can put $100-$300/Day directly into their pocket starting in as little as 24 hours from now!  Support People are somewhat sparce on Sundays. You get great customer support from great people.

No affiliate commission checks ever. Cash is deposited instantly into your account! Read through the FREE ebook (be sure to save it), and get a solid understanding of how the system works. Simply click the "Get me Started" link located near the end of the ebook. If you buy through me, I'll have not two, but three bonuses sent to you that can't help but explode your income potential even more!

If you want to make this your best year, I strongly suggest you snag this system fast, and use it now.  I say "use", and not "try", because this system is proven to work, plain and simple.  Honestly. An extra $2000 to $6000 per month is nothing to laugh at. Once you've made your payment, your special bonuses will be available to you via the download area... (see note, says "forward your receipt to me").

Truth is, this simple program in itself might not be enough to make you the next Internet Millionaire, but it can, depending on your efforts, easily bring you an extra $100? $300? even more.. per day! That's a surefire great way to create or supplement your online venture capital.  Just read through your FREE ebook.  I'll check back with you in a day or two.

Click the bottom of page (link) to begin earning with Easy Web-Cash Formula (follow-up information includes a complete and brilliantly-conceived series of optional, simple actions that will help you begin getting traffic to your website fast).

Wishing you Great Success,  John White...

Here is your FREE ebook location to get started earning as early as tomorrow:


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