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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)...

The process of optimizing your website with the goal of increasing your search engine ranking and ultimately your traffic and sales.  It involves researching your keywords to find good phrases for your website, placing these keyword phrases strategically on your website and then improving your ranking by increasing the number of backlinks to your website.

Folks.  Don't even mess with it if you're new.  Just get the most current edition of WordPress installed on your website (purchase, for like 39 bucks).  Then purchase and install (on your WordPress, easily) SEOptimize, and grab All-In-One SEO.  They work really well together and can give you great insight as to what you should fix and also what they can fix for you.  My best suggestion for SEO and having articles written for you as a beginner, and not having to worry about bad linking or linking being yanked away from you... Website Automation Wizard is absolutely awesome.  It's not too expensive.  Don't install it unless you've got the most current version of WordPress installed.  With it I would install Webfire.  Man, what a combo package of Make-Google-Love-You software.  Then you can focus on article writing, learning your role as an affiliate or website owner, etc.  Don't hesitate to outsource if you can afford it, especially if you're a newbie.  You should be focused on getting traffic at first. Let technology give you that opportunity.

John White

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