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Body By Vi-Shake Ingredients 10 Reasons To Check

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Curious about what is in Body by Vi-shake ingredients? I was too until I check out these 10 useful reasons. Before I think about ingesting this product it is good to know if this weight loss shakes has what it takes to get me on board. It is like a shake craze these days with abundant amount of people wanting to get in better shape, lose a few pounds or just for better nutrition.


To make a meal, you mix 2 rounded scoops of ViSalus Shake Ingredients with non-fat milk or soy milk and blend. I have mix Body by Vi-with water for a protein snack and blend in some fresh or frozen fruit for more added fiber and nutrition. They have this mix-ins for even more added nutrition and flavors.


Body by Vi-Shake Ingredients Top 10 Nutritional Facts;


1. Unique blend of proteins when mix with milk or soy that has 20-23 grams of protein to help with burning stubborn fat and build lean muscle.


2. Very low in sodium and carbohydrates.


3. Smells good but taste great with no metallic or gritty aftertaste.


4. Contains a serving of whole milk (calcium), for good bone health.


5. Contains a full serving of fruit or vegetable fiber, without gas.


6. 30% of our daily allowance of vitamins and minerals in just one serving.


7. 23 vitamins & minerals that taste amazing that is called Sweet Cream flavor.


8. Body by Vi-adds in Aminogen a great little add in for maximum protein absorption.


9. Added digestive aids and enzymes, plus prebiotic activity for optimum nutrition absorption.


10. Body by Vi-shake ingredients is gluten free, hormone free and stimulate free.


The main flavor is really pretty good and is called Sweet Cream and it does taste like a cake mix, but is very healthy for our heart. When people supplement a shake or two a day they can actually save money on food cost, which is great little bonus. I have seen many people have way more energy when they shed a few pounds and are eating healthier which can lead to a better quality of life.


If I may suggest not trying to compromise on the quality with buying some fly by night synthetic products. These weight loss shake products are only there to help and encourage people to lose weight in a realistic, safe and healthy manner. Do not forget to always eat a balance diet with some sort of cardio work out. When anyone goes on a weight loss diet, it is highly recommended that people should first consult their physician.


Here, is to your health now let's shake our way to better health! I hope you enjoyed this article and only wish for people to benefit from this information.


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