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There are three things you need in order to make money online.

1. THE FIRST is a product or service to sell. This is the number one reason people do not make money on the internet.

If you don’t know what you are going to sell you will not know who you will sell to.

You will not know what keywords to use in your domain name for the second thing you need.

2. A WEBSITE to introduce your product or service. The website has two pages and two purposes. The first page you drive traffic to is the landing or squeeze page to capture visitor’s first name and e-mail address.

You give them something of value in exchange for their name and e-mail. Use a double opt-in to make sure you get a valid e-mail address.

The second page you need is the blog. This is the page you will send them to from now on. You frequently and regularly write articles or post videos that give then useful, information free of charge. This is what keeps them coming back long term.

This is the place to build relationships of know, like and trust. Become their trusted advisor. Don’t recommend any products that you have not purchased and found to be of great value. Your reputation is everything.

3. THE THIRD ELLEMENT you need is a way to make money. You can have a few ads in the side bar. You can offer affiliate products or preferably your own.

You can review products or write articles about a problem and how your product has solved the problem for a few of your friends. About one post like this for every five posts of pure helpful content is a good ratio. .

Don’t be one of those who has a buddy with a great new product every day. People will quickly unsubscribe to your newsletter.

Give then lots of your best stuff free. Then you can state, “if you liked my free stuff you will love this program, book or coaching program I have here.” Or, “If you would like to dig deeper I have this…. You can buy.” “If you liked those two tips I have ten more in this book.” You get the idea. A soft sell is all you need if you have given them real value.

Give first and you will receive is the new making money online philosophy.

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