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Global Domains International- Earn for registering your domain!

There is a lot of hot talk about Global Domains International, what is all about! Actually, gdi is a short form of Global Domains International, which is selling “.WS” domain around the world, for more than 8 years.
This all started with Alan and Michael who initiated promoting the globaldomains “.WS” domain, they realized it as a short form of the word “website”. GlobalDomains offer 7 days free trial for domain registrations and like other software after the trial period is over, you are automatically registered for paid service of $10.
If you are well aware of the multilevel marketing strategies, then gdi are the networkmarketing globaldomains that will work on a 5 level plan, and can do it as large as you can. Whenever, anyone gets registered in your networking group, you will be paid $1 every month, just for doing nothing. This comes under the Compensation Plan of gdi internetmarketing.
Simply it means that you will be getting $5 for referring 5 persons, and if those 5 will also refer another 5, you will get $25. If it continues well up to 5 levels, the profit will give $3,125 each and every month.
Furthermore, if you can get 5 paid affiliates for internetmarketing, a bonus of $100 will be given to you. You will be further entitled for the bonus amounts if you reach a certain privileged criteria.
And these networkmarketing globaldomains are altogether limitless, if you can refer 25 additional paid affiliates in the next 7 days; you will be getting a $500 and much more.
If someone is extremely committed to grasp this opportunity and around 1000 paid affiliates are referred under him/her in a 4 weeks time, then nobody could stop him/her for getting a Heavy Hitter Bonus.
You are required to do some effort for creating this level of network and then no need to move on your current sucking full time job. You will be making a substantial income from globaldomains.
Though comprehensive web domain is helping its customers, but the new concept of video marketing is also worth for convincing new customers.
The best thing to check whether gdi is a genuine or a fraudulent site, take a closer look to it. It is not offering any money at the preliminary stage; a free trial offer is there to check it thoroughly. The customers registering under globaldomains can also check it out if there is any fraud complaint lodged in the online Better Business Bureau (BBB).
Besides all these, gdi is also operating a real pyramid scheme.

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