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Optimistic Attitude is able to Improve Health

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Number of life stress experienced by a person who should make most people experience frustration. Some people as they face a heavy workload should experience job stress. Other problems such as natural disasters and the death of a close family also can make depression and frustration. Only a few people are able to avoid the pressures of everyday life that can make people frustrated and pessimistic view. Even though we face the difficulties and pressures of life, thinking optimistically be particularly useful for our health. What are the benefits?

What is optimism or optimistic attitude? Optimism is the attitude always have good expectations in every way and the tendency to expect a pleasant outcome. Optimism can also be interpreted to think positive. So the optimism is more of a paradigm or way of thinking.    When occurring a failure or pressures of life, how he feels an optimist? A positive-minded optimists or think does not consider failure is permanent. This does not mean that he was reluctant to accept reality. Instead, he received and examined the problem. Then, as far as circumstances permit, it acts to alter or improve the situation.    Contrary to optimistic, pessimistic view would consider the failure of the bad side. Generally a pessimist often blame themselves for misery. He considers that the misfortune is permanent and it happened because it was fate, stupidity and incompetence. As a result, he/she resigned and would not attempt.  Positive thinking also be the key to managing stress. Optimism will make a person facing an unpleasant situation with a positive and productive manner.    Benefits of Positive Thinking Scientists have made the conclusions of the research over decades about the benefits of positive thinking and optimism on health. The results showed that a healthier and more optimistic longevity than others especially compared with pessimists. The researchers also noticed that more optimistic people who can handle stress and less likely to experience depression. Here are some benefits of being optimistic and often think positive.  * More long life 
    * More rarely experience depression 
    * The level of stress is smaller 
    * Have a body resistance against disease better 
    * Better physical and mental 
    * Reducing the risk of heart disease 
    * Able to overcome difficulties and cope with stress 
  Why are these benefits can be obtained for people who are optimistic and think positive? Because usually people who are optimistic will avoid activities that people do a pessimist in the face of stress and pressures of life. People pessimistic when faced with stress will divert attention with activities such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and enjoy food without control. While an optimist would do more physical activity, follow a healthy diet and reducing smoking and alcohol.

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