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Hair Care Basics
1.Clean hair using warm water (not hot), after the hair rinse with cold water, this is done to stimulate the circulation in the scalp.
2. Dry the hair using a towel, do not rub wet hair which is still too hard, this is to prevent brittle hair. Too much pressure on wet hair will reduce keelastisannya.
3. Avoid as much as possible the use of hair dryers. If forced munggunakannya, arrange for its use should not be too hot, it is recommended that the lowest level of the heat, then stop using the tool, do not let the hair is completely dry it.
4. If you want a blooming hair, just keep your head and straighten your hair while you sort it out so as not to tangle with fingers or a soft brush. When dry, your hair will look thick and fluffy.
5. If your hair is long, use a serrated comb rare. Comb slowly from the roots of the hair, this will reduce the clutter.
6. If you have dandruff, hair Clean using a soft brush, clean each day. This is to ensure the smooth circulation around the scalp. Avoid using a brush head with bristles made of nylon, because too hard to be able to thin out the hair and the hair. Should use a hair brush bristles are made from natural ingredients so as not to damage the hair.
7. Like the skin, when dried in the sun or the wind in a long time, will be dry and damaged hair. Use a protective cap or a good hair, avoid using bandana, this will break the hair.
8. Eat foods that are good and nutritious, this would make a good hair growth. Drink lots of water, helping hair growth. The water contains minerals that are important to the overall system of our body, maintaining blood pressure, improve circulation and nutrient flow to the scalp. Recommended drink at least 8 glasses of water per day

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