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Can You Really Make Money Like Magic?

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I’ve seen it a million times. A long winded sales page showing pictures of flash cars and big houses. Some guy sat in a deckchair in front of his pool boasting about his great life and how he discovered the “secret formula” that made him a millionaire overnight. Now he has made his fortune and wants to share his powerful “proven system” with anyone who is willing to spend half an hour listening to him. So after listening to his ramblings you finally get to know how you can get hold of his amazing system and become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

This guy really cares about us and wants to help us all become successful so he has decided that although his system is worth $2895 he is actually going to offer it at a reduced rate for a limited time only. If we don’t get it quickly then the price will shoot back up and there will never be another chance to get it at the amazingly low price of $299. If you want proof that this system works then just look at the screenshots of their Clickbank and PayPal stats which shows how their system netted them $4000 in just two days.

So can you really make money like magic? The truth is you can’t. But the Internet is full of claims like this that are aimed at making you sign up for that magical formula that’s going to make you a millionaire in a few short months. Screenshots of Clickbank and PayPal accounts can be easily doctored in Photoshop to give the impression of large earnings and anyone can get their friends to record a few testimonies. Of course there is also the promise of a money back guarantee but only a few people honor it.

So when you buy the product (an e-book or piece of software) you will probably find that it doesn’t actually live up to all the hype. I remember buying a piece of software that claimed it would bring me thousands of sales through YouTube and other popular video sharing websites – by creating a selection of videos automatically and submitting them to the websites. The software only created a slideshow of pictures I had to personally supply which is something I could have done for free.

Many of these websites claim that the guru who owns it made $10,000 in only 30 days and can share his method with you for a “knock down price” of $47. So people buy the product and discover that they can’t actually follow the method because they must have a mailing list of thousands of people. In this example the method does actually work as the guru promised but he neglected to tell you that you need a huge mailing list in order to become successful. Many newbies don’t have a list.

Why do people often fall for these offers you may ask? Well the fact is that there are millions of people out there who are looking for a quick way to become rich and believe it can happen online. These people are happy to pay out $47 for a “reduced from $3000 package” to become rich within 30 days. Therefore we will continue to see these “get rich quick” schemes appear. After all, what is $47 as a one-off payment? Of course it doesn’t work out as they expected so they go looking for other schemes to make them rich. As the old saying goes “A Fool and his Money are soon Parted.”

If you are really serious about making money online then you need to accept that there is NO WAY POSSIBLE you can get rich in no time at all. The truth is that it takes time and effort to become successful online and you will only achieve success if you are willing to accept the truth. You WILL need to put money into your business and you WILL have to accept that you probably won’t make much in your first few weeks if anything at all. The average marketer will pay around $25 a month for his basic setup which includes a domain and an autoresponder, so must be prepared to spend more than they earn at first.

I would advise you to only purchase “how-to” guides on subjects you want to learn about. Becoming successful in marketing and business means you need to learn things such as how to set up a domain, create a website, write articles etc… Do not waste your money on any “make money like magic” websites because more than likely you are wasting your time and money. Article sites have a lot of useful information that you can get for free and the authors sometimes offer more information in an e-book that you can buy for around $7-$10.

If you are looking for a business opportunity then make sure you reach everything carefully, research them on the Internet to get other people’s views, take advantage of any free or trial memberships on offer so you can learn more about them. Do not rush into handing any money over until you feel more confident that this business is genuine. I personally recommend SFI

Remember that there is no such thing as a magical money making method. If it was that great then why should the guru want to share it with everyone else and give himself competition? I can honestly tell you that no matter how great the hype on a website is – you CAN NOT really make money like magic.

Dean Sharples

Home Business School

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