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3 Ways on How to Get Him to Ask For Your Number

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You are a single girl and want to enter into the dating world. So first you want some hot guys who will take you number as they find you attractive so they can contact you later. But get him to ask for your number is not easy as it seems. Certainly you don’t want to give your number by yourself by losing dignity and look desperate. Dress like a slob or provocative dress up is also has a negative impact in this scenario. We have some strategies for you so that you become more approachable and definitely he will ask your number.


1.) Smile and Be Approachable
Smile genuinely. It gives a positive vibe and you will be more beautiful just for your smile. Be a fun loving and happy person. Most of the people like to be around this kind of personality. Smile will make you more approachable. Be confident and feminine but avoid being rude and argumentative. Even if you have the prettiest face on earth guys would not find you approachable for your arrogant attitude. So be polite and helpful. Guys find this kind of quality quite attractive.


2.) Compliment Him and Give Your Full Attention to Him
Compliment is one of the greatest ways to allure a man. Men do need ego boost now and then specially from the girls. So give him genuine compliments.


If you really want to get him to ask for your number then give special attention to him and avoid distractions, frequent phone calls and so on. Listen attentively what he is saying. Keep the conversation free flowing. Don’t argument or be angry but be patience and whatever saying should be logical. He will feel he is spending time with a fun loving and intelligent and beautiful woman.


3.) Learn How to Tease Him
Guys are naturally competitive and they like to chase and achieve things. You can use this on your advantage. Get him to ask for your number by be a little mysterious. Make him chase you and invest some effort to get your number. This teasing technique will worth trying. He will go crazy with you subtle touch on his arms, shoulder and so on and all the fun and flirty conversation.



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