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Autoclaved fly ash brick production line

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The steamed suppression of fly ash brick making machine is fly ash or other slag or lime sand as raw material, adding lime, gypsum, and aggregate, billet preparation, suppression of molding, efficient steam curing process is made.Autoclaved brick complete sets of equipment, including: mixer, digestive machine, steam suppression of brick, wheel grinding machine, autoclave and other equipment and box-type feeder, screw conveyor, climb the Big Dipper, aggregate, belt conveyor, conservationcar, shuttle bus and other auxiliary equipment.
Fly ash steam to suppress the strength of the product of the block making machine production up to MU20, a higher level of production technology, low energy consumption, the products are widely used in building the foundation and the external wall. Fly ash steam PRESS extensive use of fly ash, and can use wet ash. To produce 1m brick can be used at least 800kg of fly ash, an annual production capacity of 50 million brick factory can be used out 60,000 tons of fly ash. This is undoubtedly of great significance to conserve land, protect the ecological environment. Autoclaved brick all over the country with a certain production scale, the application is already very common.

As the autoclaved brick Fui Sha or industrial residues as the main raw material, autoclaved brick frost resistance, corrosion resistance, compressive strength, and many other properties are superior to the artificial stone of solid clay brick. Brick Size and ordinary solid clay brick is exactly the same, so instead of solid clay bricks, autoclaved brick. It is light weight, insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation, structure, beautiful shape, appearance, size of standard features, is to develop the country, the application of new wall materials.

Steam coal ash suppress the preparation of the brick machine production process including raw material processing, measured by a certain percentage of ingredients, mixing, digestion, wheel grinding, molding, code blank static stop conservation, autoclave curing, product testing and stacking several major steps.

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