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Tips On Using Classified Ad Websites: What To Look For Before Placing Your Ads.


There are many ways to advertise your Business online. In this Article, I will be showing you the best ways to utilize the Advertising Websites that are out there, without wasting your valuable time, and above all, your money.

Website Traffic: The Advertising Websites that you plan on placing your ads on will need to have enough shoppers / visitors, or it will be a waste of your time, and even worse, your money, if you're paying for ads.

So place ads only on Websites that are getting visitors, whether it's 500 or 5,000 visitors per week, the secret here is in the numbers.

Because if (10) free Classified Ad Websites that you place your ad on are getting 500 visitors each week, it's the same value as placing your ad on (1) free Classified Ad Website that receives 5,000 visitors per week, so don't limit yourself to just the large Classified Ad Websites, but don't waste your time placing ads on Sites that only get a few visitors weekly. If however, you’re paying for the ad, and the (10) Websites above (when combined) are cheaper than the (1) Website, then place the ad on each of the (10) Sites instead.  

In-House Search Engines: The Advertising Websites also must have an In-House Search Engine. An In-House Search Engine is similar to like a Google or Yahoo Search Engine, only an In-House Search Engine searches for content that’s on that particular Website.

This is an outstanding feature, because when you mention your Products or Service in your ad, it allows people to easily and very quickly find your Business Ad when they type the information into the In-House Search Engine, whether it be by them searching for your product’s name, service or business name. The Website's In-House Search Engine is very important to the success of people finding your Business Ad, so use the Sites that have them, it’s to your advantage.

Categories Related To Your Business: Categories also make it easier for someone to find what it is they’re looking for. However, some Advertising Websites have many multi layers of categories, called sub-categories, which can be harder for a potential Customer to find you, so please keep that in mind.

When placing your ads at the Advertising Websites, make sure that they have appropriate Categories available for your Products or Services, and if they don’t, is there a link somewhere on the Site that allows you to suggest Categories for your Business?

Sometimes however, it can take a few weeks for a Site to add the requested categories, so you might want to bookmark the Website, move on to another Site, and then come back later to add your advertisement.

Large Ads vs Small Ads: Large ads are the best choice due to the amount of information you can add about your product or service, not to say that small ads don't work, it's just a little harder to tell people about your Business, and then convince them to check out your Website with just a 15-30 word ad.

You will need to be able to describe in great detail what it is you are selling, or the Service that is being offered, and a large Ad will make that possible, Vs the small Ad.

It's also best to place a photo of your Product in your Classified Ad (if they allow one). See also; Images In Ads:

If you have described your product or service in great detail in your Classified Ad, you will get a better response, and your potential Customer will want to click on your Company's URL that you placed in the Ad also, in order for them to get the complete details and to see all the products you offer, and hopefully place an order from your Website.

Have no Website? No problem; if the Ad is large enough, you can sell your Product right from the Ad itself. The Customer would then click on a hyperlink and go to a Website that takes the online payment for your orders, or an Answering Service that takes your Customer’s call, or an address where they mail you the payment.

If you’re going to sell your product or service from the Ad alone, you must go with the large ads. The larger ads will usually allow space for a photo to be added too, where the smaller ads will not. We will cover the advantages of adding an image to your ad later on in this Report.

Ads That Are URLs vs Ads That Are Not: If possible, find Advertising Websites that automatically create a unique URL for each ad, why? Well, now it’s a Web Page with its own Web Address that Search Engines can index into their Directories, sending extra visitors to your ad.

Some smaller Companies still don't have a Website, and or they just added a new Product and haven’t had the time or money to hire a Webmaster again to add the product, and will most likely use the Ad with its URL for their online presence.

This means more than likely that they will be promoting the Ad’s URL exclusively, which brings traffic into that Website that your Ad and its URL are on too. That can mean additional Shoppers seeing your ad, if they happen to also need what it is you’re offering.

This also gives you the option, if you want, to promote your Ad through its URL from anywhere on the Internet, or even offline; small Newspaper ads, free Ad Papers, Business Cards etc.

Hyperlinks In Ads: This also is important, and many Advertising Websites do allow hyperlinks in their Customers ads, some however do not, or charge you for this feature. Having hyperlinks in your ads allow your potential Customers to simply click on your link and be taken directly to your Product page, Ordering page, Service page or your main Website etc.

If the Website you're advertising on doesn't allow a hyperlink in the ad, many times you can just add your URL to your ad’s text, and mention to your Customer in the ad: “please copy & paste URL into Web Browser’s address bar to view our Website”.

Don’t waste time however with Websites that will not even allow you to add the URL to the ad’s text. You’ll need your URL in the ad for your potential Customers to learn even more about what it is you’re selling, and they will need to do that by visiting your Website.

Images In Ads: Placing ads are great for bringing potential Customers to your Website or place of Business, and adding an image in your ad will greatly increase the chances of it getting noticed, and your product being sold than without an image. Statistics have proven that adding an image increases the response rate by up to 3x than without one.

It can also allow you to sell a product right from the ad itself. I am not saying that you can't sell a product from an ad without a photo, it's just much harder to make the sell, and most of the people will want to see what it is they are buying.

I know you have heard this before; “actions speak louder than words”, well now, replace actions with images; “images speak louder than words”. Yes, this is so true, images help people to take “action” and buy your products, and that’s of course what you need them to do.

Emails In Ads: Finding Classified Ad Websites that allow you to place your Email in the ad is good for several reason;

#1: If you can’t be available to take Phone calls, you can place in your ad something like this: “Questions are answered quicker when contacting us by Email”. It's another quick and easy way for you to answer your Customers questions, and Customers to get answers.

Again, which is great if your business has a very small budget and you can't afford an Answering Service to handle the calls, or you yourself will not be available to take the calls, due to you running the operations of your business, or you do not like answering Phones, or returning Phone calls, using an Email in your ad instead of a Phone number would be an alternative.

#2: It’s also another form of contact for your Customers to use. They too might be busy, can’t make or take a Phone call, and would rather send off an Email to you. 

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