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How To Easily Identify A Scam Program

TrafficSwarm member since May 2009
It has been said that 95% of advertised programs on the internet are scams. With this overwhelming preponderance of fake programs, how can you identify if a program is a scam? Unfortunately many people have been trying to point accusing fingers to the wrong directions as if a particular country is responsible for all the negatives of the internet. This has made the perpetrators of this negatives works to have a field day.
From my experience in this last 2 years of my work as internet marketers I have develop some principles that has helped me from continue to be a victim of these scams. This is what I want to briefly share in this article.
In this article, I will use how I was able to identify two of my primary programs: and, compare with others I came in contact with before.
What to look out for in a in advertised programs are as follows: [1] Time of start of the program. if a program is new, then try and identify the owner[s] of the program. The antecedent of the owner[s] can be a guide for you to decide if you should sign up.
[2] Address; Are the address of the company verifiable? You can use your contact in the Country to verify the address
[3] Terms and Conditions of the programs: Never rush over the terms and conditions of the program. Some terms and conditions are too protective of the owner without given consideration to others because they know what they want to do.
[4] Email Address And Communications If you send email and there was no answer, then be suspicious of such programs. i will not advice you to consider programs that depend too much on auto-responder for communications.
Try and make phone call to the owner to verify that you are not dealing with sophisticated software or 'robot'
[5] Does the program has point of contacts with others in the programs? like forums or skype chat room conference and seminars.
These points can be verified with these programs for confirmations and
Samuel Oluwadare

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