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NOT SO FAST!! Expert Claims “Losing in Blackjack

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Article Title: NOT SO FAST!! Expert Claims “Losing in Blackjack” All Part of the Routine
Topic: Gambling Tips & Tricks (Volume 1)
Written by: J. Matthew, esq.  { }

Date: October 14, 2012

Are you getting frustrated at losing your dispensable-spending account money or even that ultimately-deserved paycheck (or wherever you’re pulling your casino funding options out of) sitting at the Blackjack table, over and over again, with the persistent thought of possibly just giving up on ever playing this game of numbers again? Well, I am here to tell you that, as your have probably figured by now, that losing is part of the game. “GEEZ! Who would’ve thought?!?”, you answer snidely back, with an err of sarcasm, not fully understanding the point I am about to make. Well, folks, please just allow me the time of an allotted three to four paragraphs and most likely the amount of minutes it can take you to lose your entire bankroll at the Blackjack table, which in some cases can be merely a matter of minutes, even seconds. I can guarantee that as long as you stick with the basic precautions and general guidance offered in this article, that your Blackjack gaming experience will ultimately improve at least two-fold.


Alright, starting off, stick with the game and always remember that the gaming table is your “Classroom Chalkboard”, in which all the questions and answers will be “written” on it, yes, right in front of you! “How is that possible?” or “What in the heck do you mean, J. Matthew?” is probably your instantaneous thought right now, and what you need to remember is simply the basic rules & guidelines you learned in Kindergarten/Grade School. Remember the front of the classroom in which we all can relate to being in growing up? At the front of the room there was a huge chalkboard/whiteboard, upon which our endearing, informative (generally speaking) teachers would perform sample problems, along with providing instruction on the processes to solve these problems. Well, similarly, each hand that the dealer deals to the table you are playing at should be compared to a problem being written on the chalkboard in Grade School, and be very aware of each hand, in the sense that you should pay attention to what the sum of the dealt hand is. Be attentive and observant of the calls that each player makes, along with what the ensuing outcome is after said player makes the decision to either, “Double”, “Split”, “Hit”, or “Stand” and pay attention to a pattern, as most people that have any amount of expertise playing Blackjack generally have a “Gaming Pattern” they will use when working the tables. Remember that every time you lose a hand, you should learn something.

Next, once you have gotten the seemingly advanced art-form of observation of the players and individual hands, along with the general gaming-patterns recognized, start paying attention to any “Winning Streaks” that are happening. Is that same guy coming up with constant wins with a final hand ranging in the “18-21″ range? Has the dealer been “Busting” repeatedly over the last two or more hands? Has the amount of players on this table stayed completely “static” and unchanged? These are all factors to consider when estimating the playability of this particular table. Generally, winning-streaks come in hot patches, and always, Always, ALWAYS REMEMBER that it is almost always UN-WISE to enter a game in the middle of a winning-streak as this can off-set the “card count” that has been in effect, upon which has been causing the streak in the first place, and thus overall lowering your odds of staying ahead of the “House-ODDS”. Through all, you should start realizing that losing is always going to be a large part of this game, but utilizing simple tools of observation, attentiveness and patience can limit the amount of losses on the gaming table, all the while greatly increasing the amount of your wins, thus ever-increasing your bankroll in the long run.


As a reminder of the old you, you were most likely the player whom most certainly was frustrated the moment they lost a few hands in a row after playing those “Hard-to-Lose” $5/Hand bets, not knowing that, in fact, Blackjack is merely a game of technique, rather than what most believe to be a game of chance. While frustration due to Blackjack losses is natural, you need to stay at the same table, put your “thinking-cap” on, open your eyes and ears up, tighten your betting-style and continue to play as often as possible. In order to tighten your betting-style, I almost always generally plan my Bankroll expenses before I even make the decision to hop into the vehicle and start my hour-long trip to the local On-Site Casino and this is done by using my own time-tested, bankroll-proven system that I created back in 2006, after constantly finding myself in the same position I assume you are in. I will almost always find the table with a $1/Hand Minimum Bet, which may not be available at all land-based casinos, therefore, I will locate and join a table that has the lowest minimum bet allowed (Never play below $1/Hand Minimum Bet as it is not worth it in the long-run), and I will start betting at the minimum, in which I am getting to “know the table” and using my observation skills to see the streaks absolutely guaranteed to take place. Once you get a feel for the table, you can work on alternating your bids and knowing when the best times are to raise your bet and increase your payout-ratios.



J. Matthew is a 29-Year Old Professional Male living in the outskirts of Sublimity, Oregon which is conveniently placed around the outter-limits of the Capital city of Salem. He has been involved in the Gambling & Casino-related industries for the last 3 years, but has been playing Blackjack since the traditional game was taught to him by a now deceased family member, of which shall remain unnamed, but is considered to be one of the “Original Forefathers of Blackjack Gaming Techniques” and ultimately built his entire Lifestyle & Personal Fortune from creating & utilizing the techniques that have made him World-renowned in many close, private circles of the Blackjack-Gamblers Elite.


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