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Fed Stimulus Incentive Funds for Online Marketers

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The Shocking ‘Secret’ Congress Finally Wants You to Hear
“[knowing this], you’d be brain dead not to start a home-based business, if you don’t already have one.”
                                                    -Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq., President of The Tax Reduction Institute



It is known as America’s #1 Financial Strategy by many top financial experts and will make a more significant and immediate impact on your personal financial position than any other step you can take.  It is starting and running a part-time home-based business.  Yet, we are not even talking about the potential operating profits of your business yet.  It is the HUGE and IMMEDIATE congressionally-mandated financial incentives where Uncle Sam will PAY YOU to run your business at least three hours per week.


All too often we hear statements by those promoting and recruiting in the industry that “there are great tax advantages”.  Yet, those same people frequently don’t have a clue how to really do that right for themselves, let alone have a systemized process of helping new reps claim these great incentives.  Of those that are taking some advantage of these tax breaks, there are some common issues:


1     They are only claiming a fraction of what they are entitled to, because they don’t have the correct guidance.


2     They are not using the simple, but correct, documenting process.  This means that their deductions could all be thrown out!  (Doing it correctly takes less than 2 minutes per day and a third grader could do it with this system!)


3     They are only claiming direct business deductions and not properly converting much of their existing personal expenses legitimately to business expenses, as allowed by congress, IRS and directed in the Success System Test Drive.


4     Their accountants/tax preparers have had no education in this area, so they frequently leave the majority of their eligible incentive money unclaimed.


5     They are nervous about what, when and how to claim many deductions.
In our system, we provide the ONLY compliant, IRS-reviewed manual that shows you EXACTLY and simply how to claim all you are entitled to.


6     They are running their business a whole year (with the associated overhead), to get their additional refund check annually.  We will show you how to do what congress intended – get an average of $500 per month in MONTHLY refund checks.


7     Worst of all – most home-based business owners do not experience the exponential growth aspect of Uncle Sam paying people to work just 3+ hours per week in a home-based business because they do not have a simple system to guide people.  This system has people coming to you, because it shows them they NEED a home business.  It teaches simply and easily guides them to claiming their incentives to pay for their business.  It allows them to use this same system to Recruit, Replicate and Retain reps efficiently.


Why does Uncle Sam want to throw so much money at you every month?


Before the economic challenges of the last few years, congress had already been continually adding and enhancing the long list of huge tax breaks available to home business owners.


With the instability of the economy of late, we can better appreciate both why they were quietly doing this before the recession, as well as why it is getting so much emphasis now.  There are some very strong reasons that congress is so eager to effectively give you a raise, effective immediately, that is usually about double what you even need to operate your home-based business. (Just the top six incentives will put an average of an extra $500 per month in your pocket immediately!)


Their first objective is to stimulate the strongest segment of the American economy – small business.  Yet, the biggest objective was to encourage every taxpayer to have a part-time home-based business.  This provides the ideal “safety net” in times of economic downturns and layoffs.


When any taxpayer finds out they just became unemployed, what can they do?  If they head down to the unemployment office, not only is the government missing out on the lost income withholding taxes, that person becomes a liability while they are on unemployment.  If that becomes an extended period of time, they can become a further liability on the country with other social programs.


However, congress knows that it is far better for the economy if you already had a part-time home-based business that you had been maintaining with even just three hours per week.  Instead of becoming yet another liability, you could ramp-up that business to full-time.


If congress wants to motivate busy people to make a change, what is the best way to do that?  The greatest motivator they have is money!  Given strong enough incentives, they know smart people will do just that and start a part-time business.


So congress decided they would PAY taxpayers to start and run part-time businesses from home.  Their method of payment is HUGE TAX REFUNDS.  In fact, part-time network marketers actually enjoy the GREATEST incentives in the entire tax system!


They want you to use the quickest, easiest and most effective method to get those refunds.  That certainly is not waiting a year to get an additional $5,000 annual refund.  It is recommended that you use the guidance that comes with your system (the ONLY fully-compliant, IRS-reviewed, easy-to-understand guide book).  You will be able to estimate your specific refunds (average is about $500 per month).  You can then follow the guidance to submit a revised W-4 to your employer, reflecting that refund amount.  Congress says employers have to make the change by the next payroll period.  You will then see that refund show up in your job paycheck.

You are slashing the amount of YOUR hard-earned job income that had been taken before you ever saw it, through withholding taxes.  It is common for this alone to slash your withholding taxes by 30%, 40% and even over 50%!


Imagine cutting what is one of your biggest expenses – your taxes – in half!


The Magic of Conversion


A common misconception is that you are only writing off the direct business expenses that were created as a result of your business.  That idea is costing you thousands of dollars in unclaimed incentives that congress is trying to give you.


The real power of using these incentives correctly is that you are able to take many of your existing personal expenses and legally, morally, ethically, and by the intended use of the tax incentives, convert those to deductible expenses.


Here are some examples:


Are you deducting up to 80% of the personal and commuting miles you already drive every day?  It is very simple to follow the book that comes with your system to structure your business to cover most of the mileage you would already be driving.  At 55.5 cents per mile, the average person using the system will have an extra $5,000 auto deduction every year and paid in monthly refunds.  That’s just one of the deductions!


Are many of your current meals and entertainment eligible for deductions?  Uncle Sam wants to encourage you to expand your business and has generous provisions to write these off anytime you mention your business (see details in book).


Can you pay for your children’s weddings and college tuition in TAX FREE FUNDS?

If they are at least 7 years old, you can pay them to do any work around your home office.  Don’t give them an allowance.  Hire them to learn responsibility and help out.  The first $5,700 to each child is 100% tax free!  You write it off and they don’t pay a penny on their first $5,700 and the minimum rate on anything over that.  Two children at $5,700 per year adds up for college or even a wedding – in tax-free income.  You simply delegate a portion of that to go into a savings plan for college, etc.


Are you writing off a portion of your home electric bill?  Phone bill?  Internet service?  Cell phone and service plan?  Home maintenance?  Home heating/cooling?  Water and Sewer bill?  Trash bill?  Lawn care expenses?  Furniture?


You should be!  If you have a home-based business, congress expects you to deduct a portion of all of these as business use of home.


You can deduct a portion of your mortgage or even rent.


Are you deducting 100% of your medical co-pays, prescriptions, etc.?  All of these can be deducted.


You may never take another vacation at just your personal expense.  These are easily converted into big deductions that put money back into your pocket.


When congress wants to encourage people or businesses to do something, they offer financial incentives.  There’s no group of people that enjoys as many incentives as part-time home-based business owners.  And they are simple and easy to claim.


There are only three requirements.

1)    Have intent to make a profit.  (Even if you never do, you are still eligible)

2)   Spend at least three hours per week on your business
(training conference calls, listening to training CDs or books, driving to conduct business, lunches with friends where you tell them about your product, etc.)

3)   Keep proper documentation
(With the system, this takes less than 2 minutes per day)


Note:  Some or all of your deductions can be thrown out if not done properly.  This is why it is so important to use the ONLY fully compliant, IRS reviewed, easy-to-understand guide book that comes with your system.


The #1 Mistake


A common and very expensive mistake is, “My accountant takes care of that.”  This is the equivalent of saying “My doctor takes care of my health.”  It’s not only an expensive mistake, but dangerously irresponsible.  YOU are responsible for your finances, just like you are responsible for your health.  The accountant and doctor assist, based on your direction and the information you provide them.


Accountants and tax preparers focus on putting the information that you provide them onto the proper forms correctly.  Their function is largely one of process and accuracy in complying with law, guidelines and procedure.  They are trained to ask about only the most basic and common types of deductions.


If you are not providing them with your two-minute-per day documentation, using the system, they are not going to seek out all of these deductions.  In fact, many basic accountants are not aware of just how many and how HUGE the incentives are for those that run a part-time home-based business.


We have found that many of these accountants and tax preparers start in a network marketing business within days of being presented the book or other items in your system.  Why wouldn’t they?  It becomes glaringly obvious that everyone needs a home based business when they see how big the financial incentives are from Uncle Sam.  Maybe there is recruiting tip in here on the simplicity of letting the components of this system open people’s eyes and have them asking to join you.


The $10,000 Refund Check


Part B of Package 1 that you will get in the Success System Test Drive is for everyone who has already been in a home-business before getting this system.  Many business owners believe they were deducting all their eligible expenses until they go through the system.  They frequently find that they were leaving thousands on the table every year, and many did not know they could get their refunds monthly.


Package 1B of the system guides those people to go back and claim many of those deductions which they hadn’t before; this frequently will be an extra $3,000 net per year in additional refunds.  You can go back to the previous three years to claim those funds.  That could equate to an additional 5-figure windfall check!


Bottom line is that, as a home business owner, you are eligible to convert a surprising amount of your existing personal expenses to deductable business expenses.  Congress encourages this now more than ever, as they want to nurture home-based business owners to provide more national economic stability.  Their “survive to thrive” philosophy drives them to PAY YOU to build a business that survives to eventually go on and thrive.


As Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq., President of The Tax Reduction Institute, so directly stated, “[knowing this], you would be brain dead not to start a home-based business, if you don’t already have one.”  The MORE you KNOW, the LESS you OWE!


This chapter is intended to just be an eye-opener.  We contracted with the #1 home-business tax guru to make sure you get the ONLY fully-compliant, IRS reviewed, easy-to-understand book and resources to make that an integral part of your system and even part of the full Success System Test Drive.


Armed with those resources, you will have Uncle Sam literally PAYING YOU to run your business.  Your overhead will be 100% paid for, making your business “free”, plus you will probably have a couple hundred extra incentive dollars left to go in your pocket every month.


Even more powerful, you will have a powerful system to share this profound message of hope with others.  You will essentially have Uncle Sam systematically showing everyone why it is COSTING them by not being in business with you! has all of the details of everything you get with your Success System Test Drive and we guarantee your results with their exclusive YOU PROFIT OR WE PAY  Success Guarantee!


This article was used, with permission from the FREE Success Manual downloadable at

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