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Has This Ever Happen To You

TrafficSwarm member since July 2009

You started out online dating and you're excited about the opportunity to meet/start an online relationship with someone.  Well let me provide you with a scenerio about what can happen if you are not careful.

You get to chatting and he/she says all the things that you want to hear.  You continue to talk and tell each other all about yourselves - rather lies or truths.  You start to share pictures and phone numbers.  You start spending a lot of time on Skpe or Yahoo chatting and disclosing your personal information.  Ok!  This has been going on for several months and you finally decide that it is time for you two to meet.  The date goes well and he/she was everything that you imagined he/she would be.  So you decide to continue to see one another and slowly but surely fall in love.

Then you receive a phone call from an unexpected stranger who turns out to be your online parterners wife/husband.  They acquired your number from their spouses cell phone.  He/she begins to tell you who they are and how they are related to the person that you are having an affair with - and I say affair because that is what it has suddenly turned into.  You find out that a lot of lies were told, especially the part about not being married or in a relationship.

This subject is dear to my heart because it has happen to me and several other women and men.  We trust the people that we are talking with and we share our hearts, lives and most of all our innermost thoughts.  You become angry and feel like you have been played which in turn makes you bitter and turns you against online dating.  I have to admit that all online dating scenes are not like this, but just for awareness I think all should be informed and no the signs of a cheating husband/wife.

You can only call at certain times or when you call they do not answer and call back later when the coast is clear.  They can only spend certain days or times with you and have an excuse for why they can't.  I found that had somewhere to be at a certain time of the day/night depending on the situation.

Trust has been loss and broken and you have a hard time trusting again.

Remember that their are lessons in all things and what you learn and take out of any situation is a blessing.  \

Don't give up on love and love won't give up on you.


Joyce Abbey


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