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$48.00 Off - Brand New Training Helmet

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 If you play, coach or watch ball, then you know the whole object of the sport is to become a better hitter.  Easier said than done. 

With the new HyperFocus Helmet, it is just as easy said as done. 
The HyperFocus Helmet is a vision helmet for those new to baseball or softball or working on their hand-eye co-ordination.

The HyperFocus Helmet plays a crucial role in seeing the ball come from the pitcher across the field, until it finally makes contact with the bat. 

This helmet also increases and develops the balance and posture of the player for optimal batting stance. The training helmet works like any other training device: first, it teaches your batter form and then it works on muscle memory.  Once the batter understands the movements and points to watch on the ball, their body starts to retain the movements. 
The HyperFocus Helmet is conveniently made as one size fits all so it is suitable for any beginner or if you simply want to work on being a better hitter. 

With an already impressive collection of accolades and success stories, don’t wait before getting your hands on a HyperFocus Helmet to help your ball player become the best hitter they can be. 


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