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Join Me! 1000 Free Leads- 202,000 Leads & Business

TrafficSwarm member since November 2012
Join Me! Give You 1000 Free Leads! EMPOWER NETWORK


Thanks for being here! I understand how hard it is to get anything going when applying  yourself to Internet marketing!

It's impossible! Unless your a true SEO expert or someone who truly understands what they are doing online. That's why you see that number so many times, 97% do not make any money online. They build a website and expect everyone to come to that website and To buy everything off of it. We understand reality and that does not work! In fact you have to truly put everything you have into it, just to get a couple visitors every day.

So what I have done is allow you an Awesome head start by giving you 1,000 Fresh leads, if you join me under Empower Network Business

Please understand that I go out of my way to help you get set up and help you with leads and how to get yourself out in the cruel online world...

But also understand I do not want any Cry Baby Wussies on board!! If you my friend are truly serious about YOUR business then I can help you! But if not please go some where else and Have a Blessed Day!

Dave & Dave stated it and I believe it! If your actions are ALL IN! Then lets get going.

I started off and paid $25.00 to get started as you see by this site It is about Empower Network Only! I have over 685 articles and comments and action pointing you to Empower Network.  Remember when I said all in?

This is what I mean and please stay tuned because this is very important Only If You want your business to grow and start making that money coming in every single month! Example: we have many people making over $100,000 PER MONTH!! That has not happen for me yet, but Please do not think I will not be there ASAP!!

Dave & Dave own this Awesome Business and they will be there for you Only if you decide to become a Full Member! Let me get to the point: You join for $25.00 That's Great! But there is so much more, when you bring in someone under you you will be receiving that $25.00 per month from them but here is where it gets GOOD! Once you have that it is time to step up! You start by entering into the Inner circle which will costs you another $100.00 per month $125.00 total and your paying that to your Mentor above you.

What this does it stops anyone joining under you giving 100.00 from going over you and hitting the mentor bank account. So once your set up in that anyone coming in will be giving you that $125.00 per month. WAIT!! it gets so much better. You have an opportunity to receive $500.00 every month from those under you. Once you pay that one time fee of $500.00 (Awesome Training from Costa Rica Videos).

Here is the last one $1,000.00  for 21 Hours of Intense Training that will truly help you in making $15,000.00 Every Single Month!! In Fact that is what it is called the 15K Formula.

I understand one thing and $1,625.00 is a lot of money! So what I did was jump just a little bit I paid for the $25.00 every month and then scraped everything I had to start the $1,000 (15K Formula). So at this time if someone joins me I will receive that $25.00 every month but not the $100.00 because I have not started that yet, But I have the $1,000 behind me by a one time payment and will receive that $1,000 every time someone joins under me and starts that $1,000.00 training. So just imagine receiving maybe 2 or 3 of those every month $3,000 Then maybe 4 or5 next week You see where I am going.

I am serious about this! but at this time do not have all the money but I can over time take care of everything so that clients under me paying, will make sure I receive it all and not passed over me.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY!! This is why I love this business! Dave and Dave will help you once your all in! Meaning once you have paid everything $1,625.00 and you can not get at least 30 to 40 leads per day. They will step in see what is wrong and correct it, so that you will be receiving those 30 to 40 leads everyday. That is what this Business is all about TRAFFIC!! That my friend is Fantastic! They want you to make that money every month! So they Guarantee it!! ALL IN THOUGH!!!

I am not there yet but I have another Awesome Site! You remember when I said 1,000 free leads if you join?

That is very true but understand with this, If you wish to have 202,000 Fresh Leads sent to you every month! So that it can help you with Empower Network or any business you may be working on Please go here:

This my friend will help tremendously!  It brings you fresh leads every month! with so many bonuses.

Can you even imagine a great conversion rate is about 1 to 2% which means that percent is the ones who have bought service or product. That is an awesome rate, think about you have 202,000 new fresh leads every month and you receive that 1% conversion You have 2,020 buyers for your business every month!! Can you say CHA CHING!!! That is just 1%...

I would love to have you join me on Empower Network! Think if you have those 2,020 and lets just say your being paid just $25.00 per month. You will be making $50,500.00 Every Month!!! $$$ 

Let me say it again! $50,500.00 EVERY FREAKING MONTH!!!!!  How about $606,000.00 Per Year!!

YOU decide and please if anything just get those leads and use them on anything ok.

What I have given you above here is not only the opportunity but the means to help you and also the means to have that Traffic every month! I am always available call me if you wish and please leave a message or write me an email.

It's time for you to step into the batters box and take control of your life with Great Support and Actions behind you!



Tony Falasca

1734 McAdams Street

Memphis, Tn. 38108



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