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How to Build Your Network Marketing Team

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People get into network marketing for many reasons, and there is a learning curve to marketing online that goes beyond advertising and involves systems and communication with your team as it grows. There is actually a science to it, an it is not learned overnight, set up overnight and the money is not earned overnight.  Multiple streams of income are important to consider, but it you are with a traditional network marketing company, be sure to read the bylaws of the organization and work within their parameters, because although it is your home business, enrollment in a network marketing company does not make it a business owned by you.  

Blogging is one of the best ways to develop custormers for your products or services, and as you learn about blogging and marketing, blog about what you are learning. This way you are providing information to others who may want to do the same thing, and you are not always sounding salesy.  You may also want to share techniques you're using for keeping your team together, and sell affiliate producsts related to that such as auto-responders, bookmarking services, and traffic generation techniques and tools.  And, subscribe to local search engines with your primary opportunity via Google Places for Business.  Once registered and approved there, go to and sign up with every local search that is there.  These are free services.  Don't pay $400 to get listings through companies who do the same thing when you can do it youeself for free.

While you're placing ads to generate traffic, it is important to have a lead capture page, so that you may know who your visitors are and how to communicate with them  These are other skils to learn and talk about, i.e., how to create lead capture pages and collect them in your auto-responder, then how to communicate with those leads.  You might want to develop a newsletter to send to those leads, or an auto-responder series for starters.  So, get familiar with how to do this and how to do lead nurturing, through follow-up messages and broadcasts.

Skype is very important to use, especially with your team members.  Learn to screan share so you can teach skills and help new people in the set-up processes.  Learn to teach social media strategies, and get your team adding 25 to 50 like minded Twitter followers a day.  Work with them to build their own Facebook business page and teach them to do Facebook promotional posts.

Communication is so important in building your network marketing team.  If building a team and working online is what you want to do, stay with the process and don't give up.  Learn from working with others, and teach what you learn.  Please stop by my blog today to learn more.  Happy marketing!  

Luanne Crawford



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