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The development of digital technologies and the active use of the Internet has influenced the modern market.Many purchases are made now without going out of the house, whether it's ordering pizza or buying a car.According to the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia, in 2011, the Russian Internet advertising market reached 41.8 billion rubles. (About U.S. $ 1.4-1.5 billion).As predicted by Goldman Sachs, the Internet advertising market in Russia in 2012 will grow by 37%, leading to an increase in the share of the European states.On the whole growth of the advertising market in Russia this year will be only 8.6%. It is expected that the share of online advertising in the total market will increase from 13.4% in 2011 to 16.9% in 2012 g.Napomnim that in 2010, the Russian market has also shown the highest growth rate among the considered IAB Europe. It grew by 37.1% compared to 2009 and reached the seventh-largest value in 687 million euros.Indicators 2011, the pace of development of IT industry in Ukraine - the second in the world. Each year, the industry adds 30-40%. Advertising on the Internet has many advantages in contrast to conventional advertising:

- The possibility of operational analysis and adjusting the campaign,

- Interactivity (communication with the consumer advertiser Ordering directly through the advertising medium, etc.),

- A relatively low cost,

- Focus on the target audience,

- Positioning (product knowledge of the functions and those to whom it is intended)

Currently the consumer market there are more than 1,200 product lines, and the number in the hundreds makrokonkurentov.Video production and sales reached a level that competing products do not differ from each other in their consumer properties.From the foregoing it follows that market participants need to get faster and relatively inexpensive solution marketing tasks.In this situation there is only one possible way out: - the precise definition of the target audience and the right emphasis on the uniqueness of your product will help the company to the next level, you increase your income, recognition of your brand.Therefore, positioning - this is your place in the market. Even tiny company benefits from proper positioning.In order to sell your product or service, you turn into the brain, instead of spending large amounts of money on advertising to fill the newspaper pages television screens and seductive images of your product.Work Single Internet Bureau is based on a unique system of presenting information Image Marketing Engineering (IME) IME - is the process of establishing and developing bilateral relations between the subject (the manufacturer or seller of goods and services) and its target audiences.Symbiosis SEO specialist knowledge combined with marketing technologies,marketing communications and marketing strategies to help customers improve marketing activities of the company.When the order is Single Internet Bureau is based on constant and complex analysissupply and demand in the region, stimulating sales, using all priemuschesva electronic media.Our task - to make it the interest in promoting products (goods and services).The successful application of the method IME can only be a comprehensive study of the company, the advertiser and its activities in the market,as well as dense and solid customer service. There can be no universal recommendations ready and receptions.Such an approach requires consideration of all the individual characteristics of each particular case, and original, creative, creative solutions.Proper construction of a marketing campaign using IME depends on the specifics of the company, the customer, the scope of its activities, its target audience, the results of analysis of the advantages and weaknesses of competitors and of course the advertising budget. The service can not be a fixed price - it is determined in each case according to the budget,аllocated for the marketing campaign. When choosing a marketing strategy, remember that integrated communications allow a much more efficient to spend money advertiserand to achieve greater results for each sub-currency and significant savings for the same results.This is especially true for domestic producers, who can not always afford to spend large sums to promote their products.

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