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Dept 332... Information to Improve You

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Dept 332…Information to Improve You

For over 15 years, Dept 332 has been a Global consumer resource. We confidently bring useful and informative information to help improve people lives from all walks of life around the world. We work directing everybody both online and offline to receive valuable information to improve personal and business needs. Some of our informative projects include, software, electronics, DVD/CD media, health foods, just to mention a few to encourage improvements in life productivity which include some of our past projects such as:

Project example one:

A Unique Collection of Health Foods Assembled and offered for your own Personal Use with over 35 health food company sources offering the most natural health foods worldwide which are 100% natural without pesticides and synthetic additives - inspected under strict government supervision that certifies these foods to assure you are eating the most pure and elite foods ever grown. So thoroughly strict are the government-inspected standards, that even the cattle or chickens you eat the meat from, have been raised without pesticides, antibiotics, growth enhancing hormones, steroids or any additives, but instead raised on a 100% all-natural diet. This is the finest food anyone can eat. The taste is incredibly delicious!!! Now, you can learn where to find these unknown, but unique companies that offer this incredible food and have earned the reputation of being called “CERTIFIED ORGANIC Health Food Producers” from the government. Everybody Loves and Buys Delicious Health Foods! This Very Popular information is a Health Food Lover’s Dream Come True!

Project example two:

A “Mortgage Savings Kit” designed to save homeowners from $50,000+ on their home mortgages and includes software from I.B. Systems, a FREE Professional Mortgage Management Service that will cut years off your home mortgage with no costs to homeowners.

Project example three:

Health Improvements Remedies software called “HEALTH IMPROVEMENTS” that anyone can use to improve health and heal your body saving you time and money from needless expensive medical bills. This unique collection can be used for your own personal use with easy to comprehend instructions to improve health and heal yourself

Project example four:

Business Opportunities Guide software information that will give you the advantage of making as much money you want at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay from expensive mistakes by trial-and-error attempts to make money in your own business.

Project example five:

Hobby Profits information on software that will make you a good income with Hobby Profits giving you the advantage of making as much money as you want that anyone can perform saving time and money from needless costs and no experience is necessary. Become an expert producing Hobby Profits using this collection with easy to comprehend instructions to gain the knowledge you need to operate like the PROS.

Project example six:

Home Businesses software that will save you time and money to become an expert home business operator using this collection with easy to comprehend instructions to gain the knowledge you need.

Project example seven:

Become an expert cook with a special collection of recipes called the “MEGA RECIPE BONANZA SOFTWARE PROGRAM” containing an outstanding collection of RECIPES… The most Unique Collection of Recipes Ever Assembled, for your own personal use with over 5,000+ Recipes of your choice. Everybody Loves and Buys Recipes!

From these resourceful examples, you can see that we have helped everybody to become more informative and productive in a number of areas through our showcased information and products. The list of opportunities we provide the everyday consumer is endless.

Dept 332 has been assisting customers for over 15 years and began strictly as a printed information mail order business in a Chicago, northwest suburban, commuter railroad town, in Cary, Illinois. That was in 1997, when the information products requested by the early buyers back then were very difficult to obtain through software. 
Today, Dept 332 is proud to offer customers a complete selection of software products both available on the Internet or by mail and has a long and bright history of fulfilling the needs of people who choose to improve their life. Our relationship with our customers who are looking for self-improvement is the heart of our mission. 
We continue to expand our information products both nationally and worldwide. These products are used at home, in educational institutions, businesses, and by computer professionals, devoted to offering customers a rewarding portfolio of products, and Dept 332 inventories software to the user that functions stably to assure confidence.
We deliver information solutions through software applications that let the consumer create, burn, edit, share, enjoy their information and photo applications so that every desired purpose of the consumer is rewarded, for self, business, education, etc. 
It can be said that Dept 332 stands apart from the information and software industry. Offered are exceptionally user-friendly information products. All ages will benefit. They are rewarding and resourceful. Beginners and experts can expect personal and business growth and development. 
Below are some of our most successful information projects, and as mentioned earlier, the 5K recipes and Health Foods Set information products have been productive for many consumers as well as the others listed here:
5,000 Recipes - Learn how to cook like the professionals. Make anything from dinners to drinks. Become acquainted with this unique collection of recipes to cook pastries and bread, appetizers & snacks, Cajun and Creoles, chili foods, ice creams, candy foods, pops, international recipes, dog foods, pizza, poultry, etc. This knowledge is amazing. Surprise your family and friends. 
Easy-To-Make-Household Chemicals - Make over ninety formulas: Paints, cleaners, glues, polishes, etc. Make your own chemical formulas at a fraction of the cost to - kill weeds, kill insects, fireproof fabrics, remove spots, prevent corrosion, destroy odors, produce inks, etc. Produce chemicals for results equal or better than the commercial industry. Become your own chemical manufacture. 
Health Foods Set - Learn about the best organic foods around: Meats, breads, fish, dairy products, etc. Eliminate foods with pesticides. Start buying healthy government certified organic foods. This valuable collection informs you of which companies are offering these precious foods. Learn where to order government certified foods such as: meats, juices, dairy products, nuts, dog foods, vitamins, spices, etc. Eat healthy like never before. 
Handyman - This is a resourceful reference with great ideas. Save time and money when restoring buildings. Learn how to make inexpensive repairs. Learn to repair floors, screens, furniture, etc. Become a smart handyman that everyone respects.

Again, these examples are presented to give you an idea of what we do to help people be informed to improve their lives.

Why shop with us?

Well, when you shop with Dept 332, you can choose from unique selections to enhance your lifestyle, some of which are very unique and productive to the consumer. We know our products will be both resourceful and rewarding to suit your needs.

Every transaction is important to us. We use good overhead management so customers pay lower prices.  Yes, you will find unique selections. Prices are low with good quality and service. We offer quality products and service. Every product is backed with a satisfaction guaranteed. Do you want to make money?

We provide money-making software and information products and programs to start a home business, earn extra income, or money-making hobbies. Some of the products we produce and warehouse for direct delivery to the consumer. Some of the products we offer are through other companies. Making money with the products we offer is easy and can get you orders to pocket great profit potential!

The best part about our products is that you can use them for your own personal growth and improvement. So, of course, we are doing everything possible to help you succeed if you intend to use our products for profit or consumption. That's why we also include a great marketing program to help you prosper with our products. So, do you want to be your own boss? All you need is ambition, opportunity, and action. If you have the ambition, Dept 332 is the opportunity. That's it! Pretty simple, and that’s why it's worked so well for over 15 years!

Obtain our outstanding information products for fast $$$, most of which provide you with copy resell rights, designed to make you repeated profits from selling this valuable information to curious buyers giving you the advantage of making as much money as you want, as we sell most of them at a fraction of the cost of what the standard computer industry charges for information as precious as this or use the information to benefit from alone without trying to profit. Either way you benefit. Most of the products we sell, you can easily distribute yourself with these resourceful CD/DVD-ROMS that anyone can easily duplicate and no experience is necessary.
Easily, become an expert in selling this valuable information with easy to comprehend instructions to make all the money you want selling computer information online or offline like the PROS. Use this treasured information for your own personal use or profit, with easy to comprehend instructions. Most of our CD/DVD-ROMS are sold with unlimited reprint and resell rights!!! Some of the information we sell comes from other companies, all of which, are designed to help the consumer for self improvement or profit.
It is accurate to say that everyone is fascinated by knowledge! Our information CD/DVD-ROMS, programs, products will sell themselves, and because of which, will fix your money problems!

Dept 332 has the perfect products for you to claim your financial freedom once and for all! You could easily make cold hard dollars, even hundreds to thousands of dollars every month by simply copying (Note: If you don’t have a way to reproduce the CD/DVD-ROM product, if it is a software product, a service reference is included with each CD/DVD-ROM product order to copy them for you. We do provide a way to have the software replication performed for you if needed) and reselling these fast selling CD/DVD-ROMS! Many buyers will gladly pay you up to $100.00 for a copy…YOU GET TO KEEP ALL THE MONEY! Over and over again you can keep profiting in the information industry because consumers are attracted to information.  
Yes, everyone is attracted to knowledge! Our popular CD/DVD-ROMS, programs, products, and all we have to offer, proves to convert to sales before our very eyes to fulfill financial needs when money is needed, even in difficult times. Information is a great seller. It is true to say “The Computer Information CD Business” is a Money Making Dream Come True. This also includes money-making programs or products as well. People love information. Now this opportunity is yours when you order our products, and that is how we help people. We give them the opportunity in the information industry. If you don’t want money, fine, the information will help you. Either way you gain. You have a wealth of information at your fingertips and our software is very easy to use. These incredible CD/DVD-ROMS, programs, products, and all we have to offer, are unique and valuable information! Explore many of our different and valuable topics available for your personal and business needs.
It can also be said that all the treasured ideas contained in these CD/DVD-ROMS, programs, products, and all we have to offer, would cost you well over hundreds of dollars in expenses without this knowledge being shared, but you can get this valuable
knowledge at reasonable wholesale prices. All software products are simple to operate, very easy to use, and quick to Install. We keep our unique information products simple. We want everything we sell to be easy for everyone to use no matter what it is. That is a good policy to help everyone!

Dept 332 is like a type of community that offers opportunity and benefits. We can provide you with the means to obtain personal and business development with the knowledge we share with the most resourceful software, products, and all we have to offer anywhere. For starters, right now, you can start your own profitable software business with Dept 332 software products, most of which are sold with unlimited reprint and resell rights!!! 

Dept 332 offers career opportunities information for anyone interested in starting their own business. We have company careers information to offer the consumer with business opportunities, mainly self-employment opportunities. At Dept 332, we value and assist opportunity seekers who desire a dream of financial independence. We recognize the importance of an environment that encourages professional growth and strives to help people obtain their financial goals. Moreover, we know that to best
serve them and enhance their financial position to be successful leaders, we must allow them to voice their ideas and reward their individual contributions. Dept 332 offers an excellent self-employment compensation and benefits package with a home-based work environment to professionally grow in. We encourage you to join the programs we offer by sending in your inquiry to:
Corporate Headquarters:
CARY, IL 60013-2239
United States 

DEPT. 332 is an Equal Opportunity Provider

Hope to assist you soon!

[President and Founder of  “Dept 332” Thomas W. Antti - operating over 15+ years to help the consumer. Email:

Disclaimer: GENERAL DISCLAIMER WEB SITE: DEPT. 332 disclaims all warranties including the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. DEPT. 332 does not warrant that functions contained on this site will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that defects and errors will be corrected, or that this site or the server are free of viruses or other harmful components. GENERAL DISCLAIMER PRODUCTS: Dept 332 is the marketer and distributor for consumer products serving consumers throughout the U.S., and Canada. We sell our products directly to consumers via direct mail or the internet. Our products are offered by other distributors listed throughout the 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Canada, etc.  All material in this web site is provided for educational purposes only. Consult your own professional(s) regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms, medical condition, financial situations, etc. Dept 332 is not a professional health care provider, attorney, financial planner, and does not practice or attempt to practice nursing, medicine, or any of the other healing arts, law, or any other profession.

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