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Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc

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This is a pretty straight forward business deal. It's a Network Marketing Opportunity. This deals with a real helpful/practical product/service, but the pay structure is set in a way where you don't necessarily have to think of it as selling...

No quotas to meet, no type of volume to accumulate, no dress up seminars. You can do this from home, on Facebook.... In this company, for every $40 transaction that's made, $80 comes to you via overnight UPS... check, period. There is no long presentation. This is something real & proven. If you get in now, expect to see results by next Friday.

MCA is a solid company that's been around since the 1920s & has recently added a network marketing aspect (TVC) in which they pay via an ADVANCE (so when we say "DOUBLE YOUR MONEY" this is not some ponzi scheme or money coming out of thin air) Even if you're broke with only $40 to spare & no desire to sell or recruit people, you can build a paycheck of $1,280 in exactly a month. If you have more money to start out with & invest, its only more double coming to you. Keep reading & it will be explained below.

$40 means you're paid for 2 months... now all you have to do (if you read my 1st message) is either get one person to sign up for this great deal at $40 (& get $80 the very next week) ... OR (to avoid prospecting, simply give away $40 to the 1st person you can think of, have them sign up... get $80 next week,... sign 2 people up with that $80 & get $160 in the mail the next week... repeat process until you've doubled it to $1,280 in 4 weeks... or whatever your liking is. The more people you get this in front, the better!)

^^^^^^^^^^^****ONCE AGAIN ****^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

You don't have to market/advertise this if you don't wish to. If you have $80 you can simply pay $40 to get in the program, and $40 to pay somebody to join under you. You will get a check that next Friday for $80 for that 1 person & you will have broken even. You THEN take that $80 and pay for 2 more people to get in... next week you get $160...

Repeat this process until the 4th week you'll be over $1000. Now that's if you DON'T advertise... when you start getting those checks in the mail growing weekly, that's going to be your advertisement. Simply post it on Facebook, & watch everybody flock. You won't have to pay it forward for people anymore... they will happily pay $40 to get in to see the same result. then all you have to do is copy/paste the same thing i just shared with you. SIMPLE! Don't think too hard about this... just do it!

If you're confused, go to the top of this message & start over. Get educated on this, & see how simple it is. Even if you're currently involved in a network business, this wont take up any time & it can help you get people into your primary biz because now your prospects (as well as yourself) can generate easy side money. The faster people can get money, the faster they can then join anything. Think of it as a feeder, so ya, check it out and we expect to see you on the other side.

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