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Slow Weight Loss

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What are the benefits of slow weight loss?   

To keep the weight off that is lost aim to lose between one to two pounds a week.  It will therefore take you one year to lose 52 pounds.

We live in an era of the quick fix.  When we want something it has to be now. Advertising on television and in magazines do not help when they try to convince us that we can be slim in a short time if we do this or that.  Fast weight loss is not feasible because we have to adopt an eating habit that we cannot sustain for very long.

The benefits of slow weight loss are many.  

It is a very easy and comfortable way to shed the pounds.  It is more than likely that you will maintain the weight loss.  The chance of losing fat increases as the body can burn a limited amount of fat in a week and not resort to burning lean muscle tissue for energy.  The faster weight is loss the more muscle mass you lose. 

Because you are not starving yourself, you have more energy to carry on with your daily living.  What you are about is a lifestyle change that will last you for the rest of your life.
With slow weight loss you are not suffering, there is no drama that accompanies dieting.  You are not starving, have no stress or cravings.  You may think the only drawback is that the length of time it takes - slowly but surely is the way to go.  Slow progress will lead to great success.

It is a healthier option and a better investment in your future.  You are not only losing the weight which is unhealthy in itself, but is working on building better eating habits that you are able to keep going.  With these new habits you keep off the weight you have so patiently lost.

 Here  are some of the benefits of slow weight loss.

•    Maintains Weight Loss – ensures that your metabolism remains efficient because of the steady weight loss.
•    It is a safer way to lose weight – as the body can cope easier with changes in diet and lifestyle at a slower rate.
•    Stops muscle loss – and achieve a leaner and firmer figure.
•    To prevent loose skin – slow weight loss does not lead to loosen skin.  The skin is an elastic organ and need to adjust.  Slow weight loss gives the skin time to contract to the weight loss and does not wrinkle or sag.
•    Reduces fatigue – slow weight loss means you will have the energy to perform your daily duties efficiently and have the energy to lose weight.

Theresa Williams is a grandmother with two children and three grandchildren, in her sixth decade plus of life, now retired for full time employment.  As she is not the retiring type, she has started on a new course in her life.    She lives with her two dogs and a garden that is too large to cope with.  As weight control in later years is something we really have to be concerned with, we are living longer and need to maintain good health for ourselves and family.<a href=>How To Lose One Pound</a>   and
<a href=>60 Ways To Lose Weight</a>

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