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A World Of Stamps/An Awesome Hobby

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Today we talk about Stamp Collecting.

Binder for Stamp Collecting, you can buy binders from Kenmore and Mystic the prices start at $14.00 which includes 24 pages. And you can also get a big fancy binder for $109.00 these are binders, no stamps included.

Or you can buy a Starter Kit pages and stamps that includes a Magnifiying Glass, Glassine Envelopes, also includes 1000 pre-Folded Hinges at the price of $55.95, or a Deluze collecting kit that has more Stamps, professional tongs for picking your stamps up for $89.95.

Or you can go my way.....go to a Stationary Store and buy a Three Ring Binder, for pages I use Deluxe Stock Sheets, they are top quality 8-1/2" by 11" Black Sheets with Crystal Clear Pockets.

These pages come in eight different sizes with the clear pockets and these pages will protect your stamps and you can organize stamps any way you want.

The more expensive pages that have corresponding pictures and every year you have to purchase another set of pages.   You want to have blank pages so you make your stamp collection the way you want.

We will have more on stamp collecting, check back If you are interested, we add more from time to time.


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