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Predictions about the future of technology

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People are awesome! Humans are simply great and admirable! Let"s forget about  wars, pollution and bad stuff, and just think how much the world has evolved, especially in the last hundred years. The Internet, new means of transportation and vehicles, communications, robotics, these inventions and innovations are admirable. And man was the one that invented or discovered all that.

Future of technology and innovation is based mainly on the needs of humanity in the future, meaning that we try to make our life better through innovation. Although technology facilitates our daily life, it could also be a threat. For example, take the innovations in robotics and artificial intelligence, we might be more and more threatened to become unemployed because our places could be taken by robots that can work with a much higher accuracy than human, and do not need to rest. Humanity needs for the future are alternative energy resources, as the natural ones are limited, pollution is rising and amplifies the greenhouse effect. We can expect from the future new energy sources and new means of transportation, not just more economical and safer, but also self-driven. Communication technology is also constantly developing new models of handsets, tablets and increasingly powerful computers on the market. Soon we can expect the development of nanotechnology industry, especially for the research in the field of nanobots that allow construction of more miniaturized devices and gadgets. Just think how the phones were 10-15 years ago, how big and heavy and how much they evolved up until now. Another thing we can expect is the colonization of other planets, especially because scientists already have found such planets that could support life just like how Earth does.

One thing is certain: technology will continue to evolve. But however, we can not predict exactly how we might travel in 2020, what futuristic gadgets we might use, on what planet we might be or how the smartphone in our pocket will look like. Better to let the technology to surprise us with its innovations. The best way to predict the future is to invent it!

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