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History Will Be Made When CUBE 7 Launches.

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If you had known how facebook would dominate the social network scene, would you have bought shares right at the beginning? Bet you would. Here is your chance with CUBE7.
Are you looking for a GREAT Investment opportunity?
Try this for size!


A German company that has spent around six million euros to date getting
this fantastic business opportunity ready for the world market.  We just went
into pre launch on Sunday 7th April 2013 and are now searching the world
for the best entrepreneurs to join us NOW, in preparation for our full launch
at 7.07am on the 07/07/2013.

If you are looking for multiple income streams for long term passive income and
the opportunity to be a world player then you need to check this out.
This is straight talking for those who like to earn good money.
Like everything in life, the effort you put into it determines the value of your
business no matter at what stage you join us.

In July this year, 2013, Bonofa are launching their BUSINESS
Social Media platform. This has ALREADY been built.


On the 7/7 @ 07:07am, Cube7 will go 'live'.
Think Facebook, but there the similarity ends.
Cube7 will be MONETISED for Bonofa Partners.

So, what exactly IS in it for the Partners?
In 2017, when Cube7 goes public, the projected IPO
is 15 BILLION Euros, and that's a conservative estimate.
40% of this will be shared with ALL Bonofa Partners.

In addition, when Cube7 launches in just 12 weeks, ALL activity
on the Cube will be monetized for the Partners and 80% will be
shared amongst them.

Why would the Online world want to use the Cube7 platform?

Here's why:
ALL users will have ...
100% FREE Video email
100% FREE Webinars
100% FREE Listbuilders
100% FREE Business Social Media site
... and more.

CUBE7 will service FIVE of the most popular Online trends.

SO ... Become a BONOFA Partner and reap the financial rewards
or ... Use Cube7 for FREE and benefit from EVERYTHING it offers.

**Remember the date**

That's July 7th at 07:07am.

This is one for the history books ;-)

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