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How to Sneak Around in Video Games

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Are you a gamer who sometimes runs into problems getting past certain areas is a video game? Well I defiantly have in my game playing experience. And I am sure that many other gamers out there have the same problems too. One major problem that most gamers are facing today is the art of sneaking around past enemies. Some of these gamers are able to get through the video game in one piece, but those gamers state that it takes them a lot longer to get through a certain area of a game then others do. So when people who come to this site asking me how to get through areas and where to go, I decided that on top of creating reviews on all sorts of video games, I have decided to create blogs on tips to get through video games. Now, these tips are not on just any type of video game, but these are more on how to get any general video game. For the past couple of emails that I have received from you all, I have had a couple of emails stating how to get past people without having those people knowing where you are located. So my first blog tip for video games is going to be about "Sneaking around in video games".

Step #1: Silent Movements

Now when you are sneaking past enemies in any video game, the most basic rule of thumb that all gamers should know about is keeping yourself quiet. Most gamers hear this term a lot and think this is something that everyone should already know. But the simple truth about it is not too many people know how to correctly sneak around at all. In life, if you are trying to hide from someone who is looking for you such as Hide and Seek, keeping quiet is the best way to not getting spotted by another person. Not to mention that if you need to get an item that is a couple of feet away from you and the person you are hiding from is a couple of feet away from you in another direction and is carrying an item that could cause you terrible harm, would you prefer for that person seeing you sneaking around? No you don't! So when you are tiptoeing around your opponent, make sure to look down and around your feet while moving toward your goal. It's the simplest way to getting through a game without failing the game.

Step #2: Waiting for the Right Moment

The second rule of thumb in sneaking around is to have patients. You need to stay calm while walking through the environment. Of course you become scared when you are trying to overtake an opponent in a video game where your heart is racing, your hands are trembling and you start to sweat at an uncontrollable rate. But if you become nervous and try to sneak out into the open where the opponent is walking in your direction, you're going to be spotted and taken out very early in the game. Just try your best to calm down before doing anything in the game. A calm mind presents a better gameplay experience.

Step #3: Using Visual Caution Sense

The third point of what you should do when you are sneaking around in a video game is to make sure to check that the coast is clear before moving on. This part should not be overlooked. When you are trying to move around constantly without being spotted, try to make sure that you are able to look around corners before moving again. Corners can be your ally, but can also be your greatest enemy in any sneaking game. Try to look out around a corner very slowly so that if the enemy is walking toward your direction and you do not know your opponent is walking your way, you'll have time to move your head back behind the corner before your opponent spots you. Also, listening to your surroundings can prove useful too. You shouldn't stick out your head from around a corner if you hear footsteps that are not yours. In that case, move further behind the corner so that the opponent does not know you are around the area. Once you know that your opponent has passed your site, you can continue on with your mission of sneaking around.

Step #4: The Great Deal of HIDING

Finally, the last and most important part to playing a hide and seek game in any video game is to HIDE, HIDE, HIDE! I can't say this enough for any gamer to understand, but if you can find at least a decent hiding spot in a video game, you've pretty much already won the video game. The better your hiding space is, the higher of a chance you will have at out maneuvering your opponent. But hiding does not necessarily mean that you have to find something like a barrel and jump into it. Sometimes it just means finding a place to blend in and keeping still. Movement is your worst enemy when you are hiding from someone. Sometimes you can hide in plain sight of an enemy if you have an outfit that blends well with the environment and you do not make too much of a commotion in the area.


So that is all I had to say about how to successfully hide from your opponent in video games.  Of course, these facts are just the basics of what you should be doing in any hiding game, but most likely, you will be using most of these tips throughout the game.  If you would like to read up on more tips for completing a game successfully, then you should try heading over to my website which I linked to this article.  There you can contact me while taking a look through my website on video game reviews.  You can also reply to me by this article as well.  Whichever way is fine by me.  In any case, you can always have fun playing almost any game that you can play with, even if you cannot figure out the path to finishing the game with a perfect score.  Always play save and "Have Fun Playing Your Games".

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