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How to Defeat a Time Trial Game

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Based on a lot of feedback and responses that I have gotten from a lot of gamers, most of you are looking for an easier way of completing a video game in the least amount of time being wasted.  I’ve done my research on this topic and found a lot of useful and easy to follow information that anyone can do on their days off.  The most common types of games that uses these strategies that I am about to talk about are the Sonic the Hedgehog series, The Prince of Persia series, Mirrors Edge, and many others in this category of games.  Now it might be a little tough to try on your first time, especially if you have never really completed these methods before, but with enough practice I can guarantee that you can fly through every single level of any video game.  Let’s start off with the easier steps and then move out to the harder steps in this article.  Again, just because the steps get harder in this article, it does not mean that it cannot be done.  It just means practice is more in need compared to the other steps.

Step 1: Always keep calm

This is probably the easiest method in finishing a game in time that is often overlooked when playing any video game.  We all want to finish a game in time so that we can get through the rest of the game, but it does not work that way in games.  Adrenaline rush is the common thing for beating a game through a time limit and there is almost no cure for that.  But why would you want a cure for it.  The feeling of your heart pumping, your palms sweating, and the feeling of getting through a game in near death situations is an experience that you only want to experience in video games.  But your need for an adrenaline rush can also work with a sense of keeping calm.  Some people think that keeping calm means you lose your sense of that adrenaline rush or that you can only have one feeling over the other.  But again, it can work to your advantage.  For example, you can have the adrenaline rush of dropping out of the sky toward the ground, but having the sense of calm to know when to pull up out of a dive is a great feeling.  Both can work toward your advantage and can also give you a great gaming experience. 

Step 2: Be determined

You’re going to feel the need to become frustrated and agitated when playing games with a time limit. This is natural as many people want to get through most parts of a game their first time around.  What you need to do is to be consistent through these games and keep trying.  No one can ever win through a game if you give up your first time around, unless you are a pro champion at winning games in the beginning.   You need to push through the game as much as you can and learn from the game.  If you do start to feel like you are going to blow your top, then save the game, turn it off and cool down for a while before playing the game again.  No one likes a sore loser, and video games are supposed to be a way of relaxing from your current situation so getting angry at a game makes it harder for you to complete your goal in getting through any game.  Also, getting up and walking around a bit actually makes you more alert and can actually wake you up if you started to feel tired.  When you come back to the game, you can play the game almost 10 times better than when you first started off.  You will also feel better at trying to ace through the game as you start to have a better understanding of the environment in the level.  Don’t give up in the game.  Just keep going as long as you can, and when you get through the game and try it again, you are able to ace through the game a better chance the second time.

Step 3: Watch your footing

For this step, I am going to use the video game Mirror’s Edge.  As most people know, Mirror’s Edge is a different type of game that allows the gamer to see the game through the character’s eyes for the entire game.  You are basically using your running and fighting skills to get through the toughest scrapes in the game.  This game is so realistic that you will believe that you are actually the one in the situation.  The reason why I use this game in this example is because you need to be careful at how you run in this game.  As with any game that you are trying to beat the time with.  Where ever you walk is almost considered a hazard and should be treated as one.  Running on a pathway where there are boxes means that if you step on one, you could run a 50/50 chance of either stepping on a box that could launch you up to the correct path, or you could step on an empty box that will cause you fall and trip making you lose more time and wasting your energy.  It is very easy to avoid certain obstacles as you want to take the best option that prevents you from falling down on the job.  So when the opportunity rises, try to not take the path that seems to be the most obvious, but instead take the best path that allows you to keep up a steady running pace no matter what happens. 

Step 4: Look out a couple of steps in front of you

Now looking out in front of you and watching where you are walking are two different subjects.  When we are talking about watching out in front of you, we are talking about examining your actions a couple of seconds before making your decision.  This is a little harder to do as most people do not know how to correctly do this.  Let’s use the Prince of Persia video game series for example.  You’re running, scaling, jumping, and swinging while using your time stopping device to stall time and continue to move throughout the game right?  Well, in this game, you can make a mistake and then use your hour glass to go back a couple of seconds in time to correct that mistake.  But there is a cost to you for using this method.  You waste your precious time every time you use your equipment.  So what happens when you get into an even worse situation down the road and you don’t have any of your time saving items left?  Well you die of course.  Not the best way to go in a video game, but there are ways to help prevent this problem.  Always look out where you are going in a video game.  Don’t just rush into a situation that you are not sure of.  If you are walking or running down a hallway where you are coming up to another hallway, do you just run into the next hallway, or should you slow down and try to look around the corners first?  Of course, you should always, “Look before you Leap” in any video game.  If you can see which paths are better solutions for you to take in the video game, not only will you be able to save yourself some time on finishing the game, but you can also have a better chance at keeping your most precious weapons handy until a big battle comes up where you need to use all of your available weapons in your bag.  No one likes going to a fight empty handed right?

Step 5: Stay on the higher levels

This method is toughest to complete in almost any video game as it is often harder to get up to the higher points of a video game and staying up their throughout the game.  The best and most common video games that I could use for this example are the Sonic the Hedgehog series.  While it is super easy to race along the lower grounds of any video game, they often hold the most obstacles to run through.  There are enemies, walls to jump over, fences to crawl under, and many more hazards to go through.  On the higher levels, there are fewer obstacles and fewer enemies to fight making it easier to sail through the game in a faster amount of time.  But there are also a lot of places to fall from back to the lower levels.  That is why I state before to look out a couple of steps in front of you.  Higher levels make it a hard point to make you work hard to obtain your goal in a game, especially if it is to prevent you to get through a game on a time restraint.  In Sonic the Hedgehog games, you are a fast running hedgehog racing through the game.  So normally, people think that running fast and not hitting obstacles are the best method to get through the game.  But it’s not because the lower levels have twists, turns, loop-de-loops, and other time wasting obstacles that makes it harder to race through the game.  All that you need to do is to find a way to the top of the level at the very beginning of the level and stay up there throughout the whole game.  It may take you a couple of tries to do this, but when you learn where to go and where not to go, you can complete the entire game in no time.


Playing any game gives you lots of different challenges to overcome just like I mentioned in this article.  But at the same time, the fulfillment a person can achieve by overcoming them is defiantly something that you should be working hard toward in completing the game.  When it comes to finishing a game on time, it sometimes may seem like you cannot finish the game at all.  But it takes a lot of determination from the gamer to finish the game on time and almost without fail.  But it really is not too hard to accomplish the method of finishing a game in time limits.  If you follow the steps that I mentioned in this article, you can finish any game in time and have lots of time left over to brag about.  Well, that pretty much is all I have to say in this article.  Be on the lookout for my next article for more tips on conquering any video game.  And as always, please play responsibly and have a “Happy gaming” experience!

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