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Faith And Belief In Yourself Will Create Your Inco

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For most people these may seem worrying times. Worry is a negative emotion. Once worry sets in our brains it prevents us from making clear decisions. Worry cripples, it holds people back. Worry causes low self-esteem. Worry prevents growth and therefore from using our talents. Yet in times of recession, history has proved that this can also be the time for opportunity and growth. The answer lies within us. The greatest asset we have is our brain.

We only have to look back to history to a similar period in the 1930s. It was in the 1930s when many firms went bankrupt. On the other hand other firms and individuals prospered and grew. Why is this? The great philosopher Napoleon Hill who wrote the book "Think & Grow Rich" says a lot about how we can use our minds to overcome worry and to be successful. Hill once said, "there is more gold in a persons mind than a gold mine. Concluding the mind is your greatest asset". Your mind is a better asset than your savings in the bank. So use it.

The world is full of potential. We live in the age of the global economy where there are so many opportunities for all. I would suggest that you create your own economy. This is what I did when I felt trapped working in the corporate world. I explored the option of working from home. Over five years I have found that one income was not enough. The example of one income does not mean doing a variety of jobs to earn more wealth. I have slowly but successfully built up a number of opportunities, which I operate from home. They guarantee me an income to be free of the world of work. My own economy is a prosperous economy, which gives me the income to work and play when I want too. It gives me the funds to finance the material things I wish to purchase. Above all it gives me time to be with my partner. So many relationships are starved of quality time together.

However, It was a big challenge to leave what I considered a secure job. My income now relied upon my own day-to-day decisions. So I was the person who took responsibility, as I built up my home based opportunities. I did this gradually reducing the hours I worked in the corporate job. When the incomes from the opportunities replaced my work income I left that job. It meant leaving my comfort zone. But my "Why" for wanting to leave was far greater than staying in a job that eventually would cease to exist. My "Why" was to finance to be able to work and play, as I wanted? So being my own boss brought about my freedom to be in full control of my life.

The key driving force in what I did was my strong faith. Each and every day I believed that what I was about to do would work. I pictured in my mind working from home and taking my laptop with us on our travels. I can now work anywhere in the world. All one needs is faith. Faith is like a mustard seed. It may start very small but it will grow. You can't see a mustard seed but it produces a rich harvest.

I have never looked back from the first day of my freedom. Each month our income far exceeds our expenditure. We are planning long holidays, and we shall travel when booking flights, business class. That was something that would have been a mere dream a few years ago. Shortly we shall be able to pay off the mortgage. Our monthly expenditure will be only the regular monthly bills, such as food, heating and lighting. The balance of the income will be to invest or spend as we chose.

All one has to do to move forward and to take that first step. It took one step for Edmund Hilary to climb Mount Everest. As he took more steps he reached the top of the summit. So let your hopes and dreams be stronger than worry. Worry is negative. It needs to be dropped. Live your life to the full. To achieve this you need to get out of your comfort zone. Belief and faith can achieve success in building up home base opportunities. Let your why you want to do it be stronger than any negative fear. Take that first step and see that your own economy will deliver the wealth and security that you yearn for.

I took the first step five years ago and started to build up a variety of home base opportunities working from home. Since that first step I have never looked backed because my income can satisfy my lifestyle. Key to my success was my personal development  which gave me the confidence to continue to move forward. I no longer rely on the corporate world to survive. We live in a world of opportunities and I want to encourage others to be brave and find freedom and prosperity.  

Having a stream of incomes coming in each month from a variety of incomes has been a financial rock to providing for our financial needs.  There is one opportunity  which requires little work, apart from submitting ads each day which have already been written and go to publishers that this company has provided.   For those who find it hard to sponsor or sell it pays a yearly income on a weekly basis.  So why worry about the economy when you can create your own by going to this site.    


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