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Monitor your children's internet activity

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I have often wondered what it would feel like to suddenly know that your child or grandchild has been abducted by some unseemly character that has no regard for a child, much less the law.  A person bent on his own self-gratification.  These predators lurk on the internet more and more everyday.  

It scares me to think that I could one day get that phone call about one of my grandchildren being abducted or even worse.  It's a feeling that hits me right in the pit of my stomach. It is also scary to consider that with the availability of pornographic material, readily available on the internet,  a child could be thrust into a world of darkness. As a Christian I want to protect my grandchildren against the influence of sites that have offensive language and do not have the moral content that a child deserves.

Here in the Phoenix, Az area we here of stories all of the time that involve children and teens that are lured away from the safety and security of their homes and molested.  The internet has been a big contributor to this problem and wil continue to be in the future.  There is a way to monitor your child's internet activity.  To ensure he/she is not tempted by the "bad" internet you need a child-safety kit.

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