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Keep a check on your bank

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One can say that by simply keeping a check on your bank account or getting daily reviews is in no way going to add some more money in the account. Sometimes it's also depressing when your account is low on money. Generally when you are short on money seeing a zero balance is a normal thing.
Get Rich Slowly says that if you are short on money you must keep a check on your account. It is a motivating thing if you have a low balance and it saves you spending a lot of money since it is a reminder ‘you are out of money’.
Checking on your bank account is a depressing thing as one usually do not want the screen to say Zero on your face. Also sometimes you avoid checking your account unless you badly need to and then you see that low amount in your account and it pleases you as you are not out of money exactly. A positive integer on your accounts’ screen gives you a little bit of life. But keeping a checking on your account might make you a thrifty being and in turn saves a lot of money.

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