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Backwaters in Kerala

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Kerala Backwaters   Kerala backwaters are a world of serenity and wonderment. Waterways of Kerala in coastal areas, inland ports, four river estuaries, lakes and natural canals connecting coastal towns have a network. This interlinked body of waterways is known as the backwaters of Kerala. Kerala backwaters, 900 km navigable and used for centuries by the local people for transportation. A traditional floating in these waters to travel and enjoy the natural beauty of the backwaters of Kerala, Kerala Backwater Kerala during the tours. Might   Kerala Backwaters Kerala backwaters have a unique ecosystem - freshwater from rivers meets the seawater from the Arabian Sea in the backwaters of Kerala. Crabs, frogs and mudskippers, the terns, kingfishers, darters and water birds such as cormorants, and animals such as otters and turtles, including many unique species of aquatic life and live with the Kerala backwaters. Palm trees, pandanus shrubs, various leafy plants and bushes, green color to the surrounding landscape, allowing grow alongside the backwaters of Kerala. You are in Kerala Backwater Kerala tours, Kerala backwaters you can see the amazing flora and fauna.   Fisher folk and people who live along the backwaters of Kerala have a unique relationship with the Kerala backwaters. Source of income for the local population in the Kerala backwaters. Fish caught in their waters, rice, coconut and banks, they are used to build boats and carry them along the backwaters of Kerala maze, all a part of the traditional way of life of other products harvested. Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater Kerala backwaters you can see the traditional life style.   If Kerala Backwater Kerala tours, Kerala backwaters experience an unforgettable journey through the realm of the magical time traveling.

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