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When in college a student has difficulties managing his/her college life basically because the student has not yet learned to manage his time. In school, time management is not a vital component but in college term papers it has great importance as students have various commitments and deadlines which must be adhered to, such as assignments, etc. Therefore, to manage college life, a student must learn to manage his/her time effectively and efficiently. Remember that time lost can never be regained. So, what to do, keeping in mind that a college student has a social life and needs time for relaxation and play, and maybe to work in a part-time job. The trick is to balance your social life and college life on the basis of time utilization, if one does not do so then the person will suffer by getting low grades in college and being a misfit in society.
To manage time, a student must first of all know how he/she will spend time for only then can time management come into play. For example, how much time you will devote to your social life, on what, and how much time you will give to your college activities. For this, the drawing up of a schedule is important. List your goals, both short term and long term. The schedule shows you are organized
There are several time management tips for a college student.
• Strictly follow your set schedule. At first it may be hard but, in time, it will become a habit
• Use your spare time productively.
• First study those subjects that you find more difficult.
• When studying doesn't give in to distractions.
• Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.
• Train yourself to read and write fast.
• Your set goals should be realistic, ones that you can attain.
• Break your more cumbersome tasks into smaller and easier segments.
• Don't try to complete something in one hour that requires three hours study.
• Don't indulge in long and continuous studies, take short rests in between. An overburdened mind absorbs lesser data.
• When studying, mix your subjects. i.e. If you decide that you will study for, say, six hours then study three different subjects for two hours each.
• Ensure that any study material or equipment that you need is on hand. 
• When given an important assignment never wait till the last minute to do it. 
• Prioritize your work. Do what is most urgent first.
• Consider when your energy level is at its peak and do your work in that period.
If you follow the given tips then you will benefit in the following ways. 
• You will find that your accomplishments have increased.
• Your life will be more ordered.
• You will find that your free time has increased.
• You will find that you are less stressed and worried.
• You will easily be able to meet any set deadlines, say for assignments.
• You will find that you are not putting off some for the future but are doing it today.

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